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Rogue Squadron movie: What I want!


"We're doing something original with great influence from the games and the books. There's a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things, but yes, it's an original story and I'm so psyched to do it"―Patty Jenkins

Yes! Patty Jenkins will be directing the upcoming Rogue Squadron film I believe that will be out sometime in 2023. This is a movie I've wanted since 1996 and I'm actually pretty excited, although as you read the quote from Jenkins herself, it's a brand new story with potentially a whole host of new characters, but I'm crossing my fingers she takes some of the characters from the Michael Stackpole's series of books and brings them to life.

What we'll get in this film is anyone's guess, not only that we have no idea what time frame they'll be based out of, maybe its the Empire era around the time after the first Death star was destroyed, maybe its post Endor, we can only guess at this point. I hope its after Endor, since we'd get more Imperial interaction, potentially other outer rim enemies that could be a threat to the New Republic. On that note, I'm not 100% of what the hell is happening politically during the sequel trilogy, so I'm hoping that Rogue Squadron has nothing to do with anything during the sequel trilogy.

So what would I want in this Rogue Squadron Movie? Glad you asked! Of course I'll tell you!

Wedge Antilles


Either a young Wedge or a seasoned Veteran who trains the Rogue Squadron unit for future missions for the New Republic, it's a must. Yet I only see him being mentioned here and there for fans sake. My fear is that Poe, who they made into the stupidest character ever, will be the lead, and he'll be training the future pilots. No. Don't want that! Even if its a cameo or just during training, I think Wedge should definitely be in this film. How can you not have one of the best X-Wing pilots ever be in this movie?

Corran Horn

Yes, Horn is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe even though its not canon anymore since Disney nuked the legends tales. The pilot who turned Jedi is still one of my favs and it would be even more amazing on the big screen. It would be awesome to see him as a pilot struggling to be a leader but eventually becoming not only a great pilot but a Jedi who would train with Luke.

"You've got the makings of a superior pilot, but you aren't there yet. You have the skills you need, but there is more to being part of this squadron than flying well. The training you get will be a bit different from the others, but your need to learn is just as great."―Wedge Antilles, to Corran Horn

Gavin Darklighter

Having Biggs little brother on the squadron would give the old squadron a little nod from the newer squadron and although he might be a different character altogether, Gavin in the books was fun to watch almost grow up within the squadron. He was like sixteen years old or around that age when he attempted to join the best squadron in the Republic, would love to see his character, a kid who no one takes serious strive and become great. He's basically a lifer and would of made his brother proud if they used any of what he did in the books in a film. Gavin eventually takes over the squadron as its leader and Colonel.

Madam Director Ysanne Isard/ Kirtan Loor

Having a bad guy to play the part of villain and thwart the heroes plans is a must! Why not someone like Isard? She was a thorn in the side of Rogue Squadron through multiple books. She was smart and cunning and was constantly a threat to not only the squadron, but the New Republic. I'd also like her to come with her Super Star Destroyer Lusankya. Next to Isard in the picture is Kirtan Loor, an intelligence officer and enemy of Corran Horn, with a whole lot of backstory and drama between the two, again, it would play out wonderfully on the big screen.



Sky's filled with X-Wings, Space cluttered with capital ships and starfighters dancing chaotically in space, while pilots remain calm as they go head to head with other pilots in a duel to the death. Rogue Squadron is basically Top Gun with Star Wars characters and that's how it should be made. I want a final battle that rivals that of Rogue One's final battle sequences, where all sorts of ships are being flown about in all out space war. Where Mon Cal cruisers and head to head with Star Destroyers and X-Wings are dogfighting with TIE's, just the chaos of battle raging all about the emptiness of space.


Admiral Ackbar


Rian Johnson murdered Ackbar for his own creations to take his place, so its probably a good idea to bring that amazing character back to life as a higher up for Rogue Squadron. He's more than just, "It's a trap!"

With not knowing what era they'll expand upon with this legendary squadron, it's kind of hard to figure out the direction they'll go in. I just hope they pull the handful of characters already created, dress them up accordingly, put her little spin on them and write them some great scenes for the film. Corran Horn most especially, but there is a host of others that I would love to see up there on the screen one day, including Horn's wife Mirax Terrik. A couple other pilots who were a part of Rogue Squadron during some of the major battles or part of the team in some capacity during the EU days like Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian, who in the books were assigned to develop and train new squadrons of pilots.

"So you're all now part of Rogue Squadron. What you can expect of the future is this: endless amounts of boredom and routine punctuated by moments of sheer terror. As good as you are, statistical studies of fighter pilots indicate most of you will die in your first five missions. While survivability goes up after that, the odds are still not good that you will live to see the complete destruction of the Empire. The reason for that is that you will be there to see bits and pieces of it being lopped off. Rogue Squadron will be given tough assignments and will be expected to complete them, specifically because we are the best there is."―Wedge Antilles addresses his new pilots

Bror Jace

Cocky ass pilot who is as good as he says he is, but is all about being the best and doesn't care for much else. Even if its not Jace, I loved the fact that he was a pain in the side of Corran's and pushed him to his limits, but he also was a very powerful person, family wise anyway back home. Having something like a political battle in the background of potential war happening around the characters would be cool. You need someone like this guy pissing off the main character.

There's just so many choices of characters you could bring on! Most of the people I've even wrote about is from the first Rogue Squadron Book, its just too good.

The movie could also be about the hunts for the Imperial Warlords after the Battle of Endor or even after the battle of Jakku, hell, maybe we can even get a few Rogue Squadron movies that lead up to the Battle of Jakku, where we'd actually see what happened and why, since it's supposed to be one of the biggest battles and also the beginning of the First Order.

Hera Syndulla

Hera is a general during the battle of Jakku and having her on a live action movie after all the history, the ups and downs she goes through in her life during Rebels, it would be fun to finally see the Ace pilot do her stuff or even training some pilots, maybe lead during a mission, just something to give her a nod in the Star Wars universe.

So I want Star Destroyers, Mon Cal Cruisers, X-Wings, B-Wings, E-Wings, TIE interceptors, TIE defenders, maybe even throw in a Super SD in a large battle, maybe some political intrigue, and some cameos and I'm good to go.


I'm being selfish, I know. Fine. What would you want in the Rogue Squadron Movie? Do you want old characters with some Patty Jenkins touches? Or do you want an entirely different story with new characters? Who should be Rogue Leader? Will Wedge be a part of this squadron? Will a potential Jedi be involved with this pilot roster? I have a million questions and a million wants for this film! Don't be a coward Jenkins, put Corran Horn in this movie!


But that's that. We still have a long wait, but hopefully little hints will fall from the sky and tell us something about the plot and maybe just maybe we'll get a epic film about pilots of the New Republic. I have faith in you Jenkins!


You got that right Yoda dude! I fear my wants are to much, I fear I'm attached to the material and I fear the dark side will take control of me because of my attachment! What should I do?


I guess that can work. If I don't think to much I won't question the movie and won't have giant expectations of the perfect X-Wing movie. Thanks Yoda!


Hey man...I'm getting a little tired of your rude ass backwards talk.


.......Sorry. Someone had to push this talking Frog over, he was getting annoying.

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