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Rise of the TMNT: The Movie

This is a Leonardo movie. With that said, I'm here for it.

It starts off with a Terminator like beginning, almost like a Last Ronin vibe in 2044. The war between the Krang and the world is grinding to an end as the last of the resistance is being swept away. Leonardo, a master ninja leads the way but realizes the only hope is to go back in time to stop the Krang from every coming.

The turtles obviously have mystic powers which allows them to fight in an almost anime like way, and this brings Michaelangelo in as the master mystic who sacrifices himself to open a portal for a young Casey Jones, who has been under the guidance of Leonardo in this war.

Leonardo then sacrifices himself fighting the Krang as Casey goes back in time.So all the Turtles, April, Splinter, they're all dead in the future. That's how this crazy shit begins.

The opening had me hooked and I wasn't expecting to be into it much, but it had so many cool moments and an emotional impact within me that I just couldn't help not to like it.

The development of Leonardo was pretty great, not much for anyone else, hence why this is Leonardo's movie, his moment to become leader of this group that has been ultimately been the older brother Raphs job. You see how Raph is stressed that Leo is so good he doesn't really take anything seriously, meanwhile Raph has to worry nonstop about every move he makes.

The Krang in this are ferocious, fast, and pretty over powered. They consume people and take over tech easily, twisting it all into Krang weapons, soldiers, and monsters. It was pretty sick seeing what they do.

It's a pretty good movie to be honest with you. I might be biased because it's based mostly on my favorite turtle, but still, it's good.

The story is great, the development of Leonardo is awesome, the anime battles are awesome, the overall presentation was superb. It shows the family never give up, that to be a hero sacrifices have to be made, and to be a leader you need to worry about those around you, not just yourself. I also loved how they took away their powers for most the movie, which made things tougher for them all. It's a fun movie that doesn't have much down time, it's also a pretty fast movie. I didn't realize It was a little over an hour, it felt much shorter.

There was also a huge emotional moment that had even me extremely sad. I actually was hanging on the edge of my seat wondering if that's how they'd end the movie.

So score time!! What to do here!? I'm gonna go with a 84 out of 100, a solid B, it wasn't perfect, but it was a fun time.

So what did you think? Did you see it? Are you a fan of Rise of the TMNT in general? Let me know below! If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix.

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