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Rise of the Giants

The New York Giants have come out of a great draft headed by GM Dave Gettlemen and Head coach Joe Judge.

Yes, they didnt go and get an offensive lineman to help Daniel Jones with protection, but that's ok, they believe the unit they currently have, as well as the likely veteran pickup before the season begins, will be enough to give Jones enough time to throw to his plethora of targets this upcoming season. They chose their picks based on not needs, but the best player available in their eyes was, and I respect that.

The Eagles screwed us over again with the help of the Dallas Cowboys, leaping over the Giants in the draft to select Wide receiver DeVonta Smith, a guy I really wanted by the way. So Gettlemen traded back with the Bears getting multiple picks back, including a first round pick next year, which is amazing, especially if the Chicago Bears arent good next year.

1st round pick #20 The Giants Select

WR Kadarius Toney

Did we need a wide receiver? Most experts would say no, hell, even most Giants fans would say no, but hes more than just a wide out, hes the guy one the field that you need to know exactly where he is at all times. He can play the slot, he can play half back, he can be a major factor in the return game. Most importantly he gives the G men depth, because for the last two or three years it always seems that the WR core has injury problems all season long, so adding a player of Toneys caliber is a good thing.

2nd round pick #50 The Giants select

OLB Azeez Ojulari

This selection was based off another trade back from Dave Gettlemen who was on a another level in this draft. I wanted a pass rusher for years and every time we passed on one it annoyed the absolute piss out of me, but this draft I think we hit on one finally, grabbing Azeez this late, a potential first rounder that had past issues with arthritis after a highschool injury to his knee most likely. The biggest thing I see from Ojulari is last years stats of 12.5 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks, 2 pass deflections, and 4 forced fumbles. Hopefully that translates into his NFL game to help Leonard William's out.

3rd Round pick #71 the Giants select CB Aaron Robinson

Gettlemen worked his magic to move up a few spots to grab this dude, who is a very good physical cornerback who ran a 4.38 40! That's the type of guy we want on this loaded defensive back core. Did we need a corner? Nope. But having great depth isnt a bad thing and Robinson might just turn into a very good starter one day. It's just getting better and better for Giants fans to see this roster get more talented, especially on the defensive end of things. Up to this point the Giants, on paper, nailed three picks perfectly.

4th Round pick 116 The Giants select LB

Elerson Smith

I love this pick, hes an immediate contributor to special teams and a pass rushing project for Patrick Grahams defense. He sat out last season, but the year before, he was a damn pass rushing monster for Northern Iowa grabbing 14 sacks with 14 hurries, 21.5 tackles for loss, 5 forced fumbles, and 2 blocked kicks which Joe Judge obviously loves. Hes got all the tools to make it to start and make an impact on the defensive side of the ball as well as special teams.

Round 6 pick #196 The Giants select RB Gary Brightwell

The Arizona running back was picked for not only depth, but his ability to play lights out on special teams. You can tell Joe Judge is just a different dude, he wants his special teams until to be the best, and guys like Brightwell can make that happen. Hes a back that can pretty much do it all. Although his stats arent great in college, he has multiple skill sets that can make him successful in the NFL.

Round 6 pick #201 The Giants final selection is CB Rodarius William's

The Oklahoma state cornerback has stated that he will be one of the greats and he might be right. Although the defensive backs for the Giants are stacked and people will fight for time, he will make his mark on special teams. But as a Corner, hes physical and hits the wide outs constantly. Hes a strong smart defensive back that can make impact eventually on the starting unit. It would be pretty sweet if William's and their 3rd round pick Robinson eventually both become starters down the line.

Final Thoughts:

The New York Giants got several day one contributors and several special teams impact players, so it's a win in my book. I was thrown off guard with the Toney pick in round one, but now that I see what he did in college and what the Giants want to do with him on the field, it changed my mind about him.

The defensive selections were the guys that I'm happy about. With Azeez and Elerson, two pass rushers with huge upside, it makes me feel a little better about who will help Leonard Williams next season, because it seemed like William's was the only guy making the plays against the opposing quarterbacks.

The two corners are nice fits, both being physical rough corners that can potentially annoy their opponents and get them off their game. Although William's speed isnt the greatest, I think he clocked in at a 4.50 40 time, which isnt the greatest, but hes smart and has decent awareness.

This was a Great draft class by Dave Gettlemen this season and I cant wait to see how these guys play in the NFL.

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