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RIP New Jack

Updated: May 15, 2021

One of the craziest pro wrestlers I've ever seen has died, as New Jack, most notably who made his mark in ECW, has passed away with a heart attack.

I still remember when his music hit, Dr Dres and Ice Cubes 'Natural Born Killaz', still a great pump you up song, would play the fans would go nuts. It can also be used at Communions and toddlers birthday parties. What a great entrance...the music hits and out comes New Jack, with a garbage can full of weapons he would brutally assault his opponents with. He was hardcore to his core and I'll never forget his guitar shots on mortal kombat wobbly opponents, leaving them laying unconscious.

New Jack was best known for his exploits outside the ring, usually finding the tallest part of the building, a spot where he could jump from so he could just leap to almost death, landing most the time on someone laying across a table, smashing right through them and the table, in most cases splitting himself open in the process. He was one crazy fucking dude.

What sticks out to me most is his battles with the Eliminators, Dudley Boyz, as well as a host of other tag teams in ECW, which includes when New Jack teamed up with either Spike Dudley or Kronos of the Eliminators after the Gangstaz were no more.

New Jack was one of the key faces of ECW and epitomized what Extreme meant. He brought the 'Extreme' to ECW and continued to do so for years after.

In the video above, it even looks like he murdered a dude, that's classic New Jack.

Rest in peace dude....I'm sure if there is a heaven you'll be stapling Zeus's head, slapping Poseidon with a guitar, and throwing Moses off a balcony through a stack of tables all while Hades watches sitting back laughing while eating popcorn, thinking this is the best thing of all time.

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