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Return of the King

Lebron James returns, much like Sauron in lord of the rings, he makes his way back to take over the realm of men, and unfortunately the game he tries to reclaim the ring of power in is against my Knicks.

The self proclaimed King has returned to the NBA after his Lakers slowly dropped in the standings for months without their savior and because these are desperate times he charges back to Lakers for much needed reinforcements, much like when Rohan charged the Battlefield to aid Gondor in their fight against the forces of Mordor, James turns super Saiyan Playoff Bron to withstand enemy teams that want him and the Lakers to drop further so they have the toughest battle to return to the title game that houses the ghost of Jordan, a ghost that James can not escape from.

My Knicks are just coming off a huge win against the Clippers, a much needed win after a two game slide on their road trip. This Laker game is huge for the Knicks as it could solidify them as the 4th seed in the Eastern conference and give them homecourt advantage in their first round series, which is incredible after "experts" expected them to win only twenty games or so. But the Knicks are pretty much like Jon Snow at the battle of the bastards, single handedly waiting for the onslaught of Ramsay Boltons army that charges him head on, with no real chance of victory, until somehow....he does.

Can the King make his way back to full power and destroy the mighty knights of the Knicks who attempt to stop the resurrection of the mighty NBA giant? That is the question. Here is my answer.

The Knicks have no one to guard James, but they will not back down and they will be aggressive against him. If the Lakers go up quickly in the first quarter, the Knicks are done. If the game is close with two minutes left, or tied, I think the Lakers come out on top depending on what James we get. The only hope I see in this game is that the Knicks play fast paced, hard nosed defense, and shoot a high percentage of threes to frustrate both James and the Lakers. I think if they do that Knicks win by six or more to defeat the King from the west.

What do you think? Who comes out on top tonight?

I love this gif.....

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