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Relax WWE universe

It's like the WWE F-5'd us for three plus hours....

So we got a rotten hyped up 'Crown Jewel' show. So what, what else is new. We are constantly let down by a product that worries about its ratings and the money it receives from fans, so you would think things would change. But no, I blame you. The fans continue to watch WWE television in all its trash filled glory and continue to buy into the,"It'll change".

I honestly believe HHH will change the entire way things are done in professional wrestling and I cant wait. But this is still Vince's show, so hes in charge of his diluted vision. But is he really delusional? Is he really out of touch? Would you have made Braun beat Brock on a Saudia Arabia overhyped house show? Or would you have it on an important event such as Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania?

Brock brings legitimacy to the world title, despite our feelings, he gets a certain amount of money that is extremely expensive for a small amount of appearances. Good for him. Bad for us. It happens. Hes smart business wise and we probably have Paul Heyman to thank for that.

Story wise, having Braun overcome several obstacles in order to get a fair shot at the universal title makes more sense. Let the story play out, breathe, be patient and give them time.

As far as the other matches, yes, the tournament was pointless and its obviously an angle to move Shane McMahon into some sort of storyline for smackdown. What it'll be is anyones guess.

I just know they have probably more talent on the roster than ever before and most these guys get wasted away because it doesn't fit what they like to do. It's like they have a bunch of starting quarterbacks but they are making them sit the bench to wither away. Its dumb. It makes no sense buisness wise and its only hurting the product in the long run.


Ok I'm better.

Bottom line, relax, let things play out, and let's see if they can fix their issues.

On another note, despite some small noticeable notches, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte stole the show and not surprised at all.

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Brock is the champ we need right now and we need to just except it.

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