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Redsox knock out Yanks in the 4th

Redsox knock Yanks out in the 4th

Yup. One of the teams I hate most in this world beat my Yankees and we should of all saw it coming.

Last year was a magical year in which the Yankees were only one game away from being in the world series, this year however, the Yankees were hated, unlike last year when they were the underdog, this year they were not.

Our record breaking team homerun record is evident of the fact that we, the Yankees, can't hit for base hits. What the hell! We can hit the ball out of the park but cant hit singles?!

This Boston win is like Voldermort killing Harry Potter. It's just not right.

Our starting pitching was terrible and rightfully so, the Boston Redsox have a lineup full of great hitters, who can hit all over the field. They constantly got on base and it kept the Yankees on the ropes all series long. On the opposite side, the Yanks again like all season long, could not get men in from scoring position. It was excruciating to watch. Several times I wished I could take a hammer to my television and scream 'Why' to the heavens.

So, we need starting pitching, guys that can hit for average and get on base, and a partridge in a pear tree.

All in all we had a very good year, it was only last season where we all talked about being three years or so away, and we had a great 2017 season, a very unpredictable magical season. Now, we sit here like typical Yankees fans, appointing our team as the next world series champs when we are not quite there yet. What we got this season was several future players who had outstanding rookie years. We won a 100 games when most of the team was on and off again hurt. We scratched and clawed our way to the playoffs, we just didnt have enough to go deep in it. So next year, we shall be back, and hopefully back to winning it all.

Now, I bend the knee, and ask Justin Verlander to do what must be done and defeat the hated Redsox. Much like Princess Leia did in a new hope, "Help us Justin Verlander, you're my only hope."

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