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Redsox clinch, my heart breaks

Redsox clinch, my heart breaks

I hate the Boston Redsox, I dont know why, I just do. Obviously I'm a Yankee fan and I may just seem jealous, which is partially true. We Yankee fans tend to over estimate and demand we win every year. Thinking about it maybe it's just NY sports in general, we just feel we deserve championships every year.

Note to the world, we do.

The Yankees are like that boxer who gets a world title shot that is just not ready for it. That's pretty much where we are at right now. But this is not about the Yankees, this is about the stupid Redsox.

So as I sit here shedding tears of anger and throwing teapots at a picture of Redsox manager Alex Cora, I'm wondering if I should actually be mad about them clinching.

I always had this idea, although maybe stupid, but if my team loses against someone in the playoffs, I would feel better knowing they were beaten by the world champs of that year. Now it's a cringeworthy situation. The Houston Astros beat us last year and went on to win, so I was fine. It took the world champs to knock us out of the playoffs. But Boston? Fuck my life. I gotta root for Boston to win so I feel some sort of less anguish that we lost, to them, a team I hate? I dont know if I can do this.

Verlander and the Astros were supposed to be my heroes, like the knights of old, riding on horseback and pushing the invaders, the dreaded Boston Redsox back into the sea where they belong. But no, it didnt happen.

Now I sit here talking to an old poster of Don Mattingly asking him for his help, asking him to bring the end of this 2018 Boston regime, to use his powers of good to bring about a swift end in dramatic fashion, to end this evil teams clutches on baseball.

The Boston Redsox is like Sid from Toy Story and all I hear is that evil laugh, taunting me. It makes me sick!

Now my misguided hope lies with the Brewers or Dodgers. Well shit. That's like Princess Leia sending a message to C-3PO for help instead of Obi-wan Kenobi. Unless a miracle happens, Boston beats either of these teams in five games. So here we go, another stupid year the Boston Redsox are champions. The Voldermort of major league baseball who I hope gets lost in the Bermuda triangle.

Enjoy your victory Boston. I hate you. #Redsox #WorldSeries #Dodgers #Yankees #Voldermort #

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