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Rebellion: A star wars story

Playing Star Wars Rebellion on the PC is getting stressful...I now know what the Emperor meant when he said, "We'll have civil war without end," in revenge of the Sith. Granted he wanted to cause mass genocide to the Jedi, but still, that quote hit home while playing this intense game.

I'm on day 950....and still, even with the loss of the Emperor, who I have no god damn idea anymore where he is, the Imperial forces carry on under the Admiral Ozzel, Vader, and Admiral Daala, the Three leaders of the new Imperial Regime. Ive even given up looking for Palpatine, its just not worth the precious man power its gonna take to get him back.

Coruscant is still under the Rebel Filths control, if you read my blog, I lost that entire system, but did so with strategy in mind, but its endless. My people are tired. And although we press on with our attacks, decimating countless rebel troops and ships, we don't seem to be getting anywhere. Just when I think the tide turned, two enemy fleets showed up in a system where the only Imperial force that could stop them was a month away. If I send them and the fleets break for another system fully in line with the Empire, then I'm screwed.

They took the fight to me, I've learned my lesson. The sent everything at me in two systems and now the fight is on my turf. My only chance is to keep reinforcing Vaders Black Fleet to continue to hurt the Rebels every attempt at capturing any planet in Imperial Space. Next, I need to build a second giant fleet to push into Rebel space, something I have yet to do. I mean I have General Veers near Yavin with some troops, but nothing big enough to even make a dent.

I need to hurt the rebels and crush not only their spirits, but their heart as well.

Long live the Empire.

After much deliberation with my new Imperial Regime in the PC game Rebellion, I've started to work on the Shadow Fleet that will be commanded by Admiral Thrawn, that will have on Imperial Star Destroyer called The Chimaera, one of the Main star destroyers from Timothy Zahns original trilogy.

I had a plan in Star Wars Rebellion and unfortunately my plan failed when my fleet took the planet Bortras, only for one day later to be ambused by one of the biggest Rebel Fleets Ive seen.

Darth Vader, Admiral Daala, and my other commander Ozzel, the three leaders of the new imperial Regime and leaders of the Black Fleet were completely destroyed. Yup. My one big fleet, that destroyed countless Rebels lay in ruins, just scrap among the stars. The Battle wasn't even close even with Imperial confidence super high.

The Rebels threw twenty seven Squadrons of X-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings....27! Thats 324 god damn star fighters! 324 pilots! What in the ever living hell! Dont even get me started on the capital ships. Seven god damn Mon Cal Cruisers, surrounded by escort carriers, and a ton of Corellian gunships as protection. GTFOH!

The Battle Of Bortras was a lesson, a hard difficult lesson, to not underestimate my enemy. I lost so much, including strength in the Imperial region of space, something ive been losing slowly.

Ten squadrons of TIE Interceptor squadrons were deleted from this world, one hundred and twenty pilots gave their lives for the cause. They will not be forgotten. Countless Carrack and Lancer cruisers, Victory Star Destroyers, escort carriers, and Imperial Star Destroyer, lost to the stars. Everyone that Ive captured have now escaped back into rebel controlled space, nine people to be exact, and my leaders managed to escape, hobbling away to the closest system.

This wasn't a hiccup, this was an uppercut to the chin, knocking me down to the point of potential panic as I desperately attempt to right the ship and build a force up quickly to defend the systems I control, once again going on the defensive while the Rebels just pick and choose their targets. God I hate these rebel pieces of trash.

Day 1134

The war seems to be endless. I can't seem to push the Rebellion out of the systems I control despite having multiple planets manufacturing Star fighters and Capital Ships. I have yet to even contemplated how I am going to invade Rebel space and cause their own people panic and stress like they have for almost four years now. The Imperial Regime is a Shadow of their former self and the fear of the Empire is gone, now, the Rebellion has become the Empire. through out the four years of endless fighting I have yet to invade one of their planets that didn't ask for it by popular support of the people and yet here I am, in the outerim territories, producing countless ships for a never ending war.

As of now the Shadow Fleet is slowly building its numbers as well as my Champion Fleet. Both fleets are well far away from any major combat, but their time is coming. I have a plan to strike fear into the heart of the Rebellion and potentially put them on the defensive for once. Thrawn shall take the Shadow Fleet and enter Rebel space, attacking every planet in the neighboring systems, taking down any and all defensive ships the Rebels left behind. As I do that, I would think they would call back their fleets that have been nagging me for years! Once I see they've moved to come to the aid of their planets I will then shove the Champion fleet under Vader at the Rebel controlled planets in my own systems to destroy any chance of them coming back. This is our only hope. This, this will be our last stand against these terrorists led by people like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, damnit I hate them! If we don't make our stand here, the war will never end, and our people will be pushed further into the abyss of the outerrim. We can't let that happen. I won't let that happen!

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Six months after 'The Battle Of Bortras'....take a moment to bow your head in silence for the brave men and women of the Black Fleet that died heroes of the galaxy, heroes who defied the terrorists known as the rebels, we will never forget your sacrifices.

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