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Yes, with all the craziness in the world it seems like a travesty to play this game and wage war on anyone, yet here we are.

As the Russian leader, I wanted to build the country into a powerful, more alliance friendly nation that had the best intentions for its own people. That went all out the window in less than a year in game time when I was almost out of money. The game gave me certain missions to accomplish as Russia, one included bringing back the old parts of Russia into the fold. That included Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. With much disappointment, I invaded Lithuania without provocation, knowing full well the world would hate me, and knowing that Nato would try to hurt me in some way.

My world of peace came to an end on March 2020 and for a country that I believed I could just roll over easily, has become a nightmare of epic proportions. I've been in Lithuania for two years now with no end in sight. My invasion had not gone to plan due to certain landscapes and missions that have not gone to plan. They are still heavily defended and still fighting with a ferocious intensity that has caused me a very big dilemma which is, "When is it enough." Should I pull out? I want to, but it would decimate my legacy and hurt my country. This war has taken way to much out of me.

Back at home, I have more problems. Not only is my country failing as a nation, Rebels from North Caucasus have attacked in a large wave of troops while my military was in Lithuania, followed by a large force of terrorist from Kazan which pushed me to take troops out of Lithuania and back to the mother land to defend my country. So now my forces are spread thin and I'm on three separate battlefront's. What the hell did I do!? Stupid Russia!

So besides the war that I mistakenly waged, did I do anything worth while in the 2.5 hours of playing this addicting game? Yes. I believe I did. I befriended China, North Korea, and Greece, who decided to say fuck it and rebuild their past glory, so sure, I'll be friends with Greece. Maybe this isn't good. Unemployment is down, so there is that, and I'm trying to build more within the country, even though I now have war within. I need to figure out trading, I think that would help, along with potentially getting reinforcements from allies. There's a lot to learn here.

All in all, from the 2.5 hours of play time I had a lot of fun, but holy shit there is a lot to figure out. From diplomacy, to internal affairs, to military, to trade, there's hours of detailed craziness to get used to. Another thing I noticed is the battle part of things of war, you can either have the pc figure shit out, or you can give direct orders to accomplish certain missions, like taking down airstrips or ambushing your enemies.

There's random occurrences that happen as well. Like the terrorists that attacked me and the Rebels, both within a month which could of been because I started a war and sent all my troops to Lithuania, leaving me open to attack. My Generals also asked if they could use chemical warfare which I decided against and if I could slap my generals for asking that I would. My political opponent also came up and I was asked if I wanted to take him out of the picture before the next election.

The game is extremely addicting and if you like strategy games, this is a very enjoyable, interesting, intriguing game that you will get lost for hours on. Well worth the sixteen bucks for the game plus the DLC on Steam. I know the sequel to this title also came out, but first things first, I got the Demo right now, I need to get the game and waste life away in my imagination of me becoming Emperor of some long lost Empire and create peace on Earth.

From the Demo alone, I give this title a 4.6 out of 5 for just an enjoyable stressful experience of being in control.

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