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Reaction to Captain Marvel Teaser

Just watched the teaser for Captain Marvel. I'll be honest it will be pretty rare to find me criticize anything coming out of Marvel Studios. Particularly not a teaser trailer. They have earned so much credit from me, especially over the course of phase three, that this trailer could have been stick figures or in front of the green screen and I would hold the same stance. It's just too hard to be overly critical when they have been on a historic run of smashing home-touch-slam-run-down-dunk-goals! With that said... I thought the trailer was good. As a reminder this is a teaser trailer so those that were expecting to get crucial plot details, gently tap the brakes a bit. It looks like it is going to be packed with action and although marvel didn't give us much in the way of their trademark humor, I expect it will be there. I got an immediate warm and fuzzy feeling seeing them choose a Bluckbuster video store a gentle landing spot for our protagonist. Unlike Tony Stark, I am a bit of a Nostalgic and this brought me back to my childhood days of renting VHS movies and video games for Super Nintendo and eventually Nintendo 64. Mr. L Jackson looked amazing proving that Marvel Studios has the same facial prosthesis as Zemo from Sokovia. Makes you wonder what else from the MCU is actually real… It’s a little disappointing that we didn’t see the Skrulls that were teased working on their tans in the recent photo release. I guess we will have to wait a little bit longer. Captain Marvel is a savage. She punched a senior citizen in the face for heaven’s sake! Ok I am assuming that innocent old lady was actually a dirty Skrull lurking behind those wrinkles. Or maybe that was a Skrull Captain Marvel knocking out an actual old lady for not vacating her seat. My guess is the former. We are still a ways out from March so unlike the Avengers in the end game… we are stuck, back in the waiting game.

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I tried to include a hyperlnk to the trailer… being new to this I am not sure if it will work. Here goes.

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