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Razor Ramon.....

Scott Hall otherwise known as Razor Ramon is on life support after suffering several heart attacks so I decided to just take a moment to talk about the 'Bad guy' for a few minutes.

Razor Ramon is the reason I got heavily infatuated with professional wrestling to the point of watching every promotion and every single match I could get my hands on from multiple companies, but my allegiances was to that very man who grabbed my attention in the fall of 1993.

My first introduction into pro wrestling was way before 1993 but it wasn't until then that I didn't fall in love with the business of it all, more to the point it was Razor Ramon in a twenty man battle royal for the rights to become Intercontinental Champion. He fought his way to the final two men which would end up being for the title another night. The other man was Rick Martel. That night I wanted desperately for Razor to take the title and become the champion. I was so damn excited about it all that pro wrestling became an obsession, like a drug I couldn't get enough of I continued my obsession for years.

From the battles he had against Rick Martel to the epic classics against Shawn Michaels in ladder matches that will live on forever in our hearts as fans, he just couldn't do wrong. The bad guy dominated, especially among the fans, he was a favorite. I still remember how stressed out I was that he might lost to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 10 or how disappointed I was in myself when I wanted Owen Hart to win King of the Ring instead of my favorite at the time. I even got stressed out when I heard Razor would defend his IC title against Diesel during the weekend, I still remember like it was yesterday, how I had a terrible feeling that the seven footer would take down Razor and hoped that the match wouldn't happen, because I knew in my heart that it was the one opponent that scared me. I was right. Razor sadly lost to Diesel. Bastard.

From wrestling Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, 1-2-3 Kid, Diesel, IRS, Bret Hart, and others like Yokozuna and Million $ Man, he always made the matches must watch for me. Watching him go through the motions of using the fall away slam, to the chokeslam, even the fall away slam, followed eventually by the super back suplex always got my hyped for the finisher that would eventually come, the dreaded Razors Edge. That move is still one of the bad ass finishers in all of wrestling and he performed it like it was pure devastation.

When he showed up at WCW, I again lost my shit as a fan and didn't understand what was happening. I fell in love again with pro wrestling. "Hey Yo!" Scott Hall showed he was a main event player and was the key to changing professional wrestling, one of the key factors in that changing of the tides of both WCW and the business in general, that along with ECW would completely change what we saw on television from then on. His NWO in the beginning was truly amazing and made Scott Hall look like a total asshole, loved it! I especially loved his time with his buddies within the group, meaning Nash and Syyx, thats the times where I believed he had the most fun.

As a fan I hope Scott Hall gets through this moment and gets back on his feet once again. He meant almost everything to me in that regard, opening my eyes to wrestling in general. All we can do now is wait and hope that he pulls through, but I have no doubt he will, he's the bad guy after all, he's about to get his second wind and make the heroic push forward against all odds, like the hero he is.

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