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Random Weekly Awards!

Weekly awards:

This is just a random awards post for shows, sports, or whatever I think of at that moment in time.

So let's get into some nonsensical award winners for this week.

1. GM of the Week: Its really hard to argue with what the Miami Dolphins did today, with two big trades to get multiple first round picks. The Fins have 13 picks in the first three damn rounds of the next three years! This is awesome for Miami but sucks for us who play against a Miami fan in Madden Franchise, who undoubtedly will grab multiple franchise studs that make it difficult for us to compete with.

But I'm going with Dave Fkn Gettlemen, yeah I might be a little biased, get over it! But the man who everyone hates in NY continues to make splashes in free agency. First grabbing Kenny Golladay, then picking up former first round pick of the Tennessee Titans, Adoree Jackson making the Giants defensive backfield a real pain in the ass to deal with. Yes, it's just the off season, but these moves along with grabbing WR John Ross and TE Kyle Rudolph will play a giant role in what I think could be a winning season this coming year.

Fighter of the week: Tanjiro (Demon Slayer-Netflix) God damn this kid Is awesome. After losing his family and his sister turning into a demon, from training until he bled for two years to become a demon slayer, to passing the final test to become a low ranking slayer, to defeating multiple tough opponents with his water attacks, to being a saint, polite, and even praying for those hes killed in battle, this kid is amazing. I dont think hes the most powerful on the show, I'm not sure yet, but hes kicking ass, that's all that matters and hes doing it the right way.

Show of the week: Gotta go with Demon Slayer again, the common theme in these awards for the sheer fact that its addicting and it has some pretty good characters in it. Plus the fights are pretty hardcore sometimes, not to mention demons with blood magic, super warriors hunting the worlds demons, good demons, awesome sword techniques. All in all it's a good time.

Video game player of the week: I dont know what it is, but Julian Love, the real defensive back from the Giants, who I have playing for the Steelers in an online franchise league is just absolutely amazing to use. The dude makes play after play, whether its blitzing hes just an animal!

Episode of the week: Black Mirror: U.S.S. Callister. I wasnt gonna watch any of Black mirror but after that episode it definitely changed my mind. Having a big companies tech who seemed weird at work but nice, until he gets home where he has a created game universe that he goes in and out of l, this game is where he uses DNA from people at work that pissed him off. He uses the DNA to put them in the game then begins to play in an open universe that hes created to almost torture these was fucked up.

And that's all I got for this weeks awards! Tune in next time, same Bat time, same bat channel!

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