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Quick Movie and Show Reviews

Because I fell behind and my brain requires me to get through some of these articles, I decided to just throw them into one article with short swift reviews. I've been watching a little bit of everything lately so this may be a little chaotic. With that said, I'll score it, give the show or Movie a grade and just keep on moving down the list. Is that OK? Great!!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Grade: 83 B

It's not as good as the first movie. Rarely does a video game Movie do well, but that first installment of this franchise was perfect. It was the best video game Movie of all time and it's not even close. This movie however has some fun entertaining moments, some characters becoming better, and it opened up more of Sonic's universe. But much like the Transformers series of movies, we want our favorite characters on the screen not the humans. With that said, Jim Carey again plays a great villain, and even the over the top action plays well in the second movie. The addition of Tails and Knuckles, plus the relationships between the three as the movie moves along makes this a very good movie. It also opens the door for a third movie. I liked it. My kids liked it. Definitely a movie I'd buy on DVD.

MVP: Idris Elba as Knuckles...his voice was perfect and brought a complicated character to life.

Moon knight

Grade: 86 B+

This show hits a little different doesn't it? I knew little to nothing about this character and this show directed by Mohamed Diab and he did a fantastic job of creating a world we weren't aware of and bringing characters to life that we care about. Oscar Issac is just amazing in this, like Top notch acting abilities that I didn't know he had. Ethan Hawke is on par with Isaac in this as well. Perfect casting all around and I can't wait for the second season. The plot, the arcs, the way it was filmed, it was all top notch. Its Probably the top Marvel show right now.

MVP: Oscar Issac as he plays multiple characters with amazing performances with each.

Young Justice Season 1

Grade: 86 B+

I rewatched this show and It's still excellent. It brings several lesser known characters to life and develops others better than most shows could do. It brings the team of Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Artemis, Speedy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad to life as they try to show their teachers and higher-ups in the Justice League that they can handle themselves. Batman agrees and makes them a covert operations unit.

This show is top notch storytelling and ends the season with a Giant cliffhanger and a battle that shows these kids are ready for the big time, although they defeat several baddies that the even the League has issues with, you always feel like they can lose, they're not unbeatable. They also are looking for a possible traitor throughout the series which makes you think about it constantly.

MVP: Robin, his character has to learn to command, although he's not ready to do so for most of the series, you see the strides he takes as a character to change and become that leader.

Young Justice: Invasion, Season 2

Grade: 91 A

I love this series! This show that revolved around certain characters expands and brings in Beastboy, Wonder girl, Bat girl, Bumblebee, Lagoon boy, Tim Drakes Robin, Blue Beetle, and Zatanna to the team. All of them get time to shine and show what they can do, all of them have plots and arcs, but the biggest is Blue Beetle and Aqualad. Both characters are top tier in this season. The lengths the new team goes in order to figure out who their enemies are is crazy, Nightwing definitely does some Batman like stuff as far as secrecy goes. It's a great story from start to finish and ends amazingly.

MVP: Aqualad, top tier character with top notch development. His story and arc is amazing and I can't say enough about it. He became on of my fav characters after this and I didn't know he even existed, at least in this season.


Grade: 73 C

I was on a DC kick and in my head I rated the first season of Titans higher than a C, but the more I thought about it the lower it got. I liked certain aspects of the show, including several key characters like Beastboy, Robin, Hawk and Dove, and Raven, but it's really hard to pull off the sort of story they want to tell in live action. Starfire is better than I thought and I liked how mysterious her plot was and how it unfolded. I also loved how fd up Jason Todd was and how Unhinged he was when fighting whoever was in front of him. Some of the arcs fall flat, but the best was Beastboys in one of my favorite episodes where you see where he lives and who he is with. Other than that, the last episode was pretty sick, which was featured around what Batman was becoming in Gotham, although you know right away it's not real, it ends the first season in a crazy way. It definitely has a horror action feel to this show.

MVP: Batman, I know he's barely in it and you don't really see him, but just the actions he takes in the final episode is absolutely awesome.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Grade: 79 C

This show has potential granted and it slowly sucks you into their world, but I hope the characters develop more and we get more backstory on several others, so we need patience. In a story about demons and those who fight these things, we have our main character who is naturally gifted eat a piece of Demon in which from the first episode on he needs to deal with having enormous power inside him and a demon who wants to take control. Not only that but he has to learn how to control his powers and figure out others to fight demons. It's interesting and I definitely recommend it.

MVP: Yuji Itadori, the main character is the best in the series, he gets his ass kicked often but like the typical hero he comes back no matter what. He's got a little Goku in him and I love his relationship with Aoi Todo, his best friend, well in Todo's imagination. It's a funny relationship that I wish I could watch unfold all day.

All right! I did it! Now I can move on with life and make more lists of stuff to review just so I can push it off another day. Wooo!

In any event, my final scores for these shows are as follows!

1. Young Justice Invasion (91 A)

2. Moon Knight (86 B)

3. Young Justice Season 1 (86 B)

4. Jujutsu Kaisen (79 C)

5. Titans (73 C)

So what do you think? Am I spot on? Or do you have a different opinion of these shows? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to sign up to for free!

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