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Know what's awesome about being an adult, well, somewhat?

We can buy shit. Random nonsensical shit that we want and like that we ultimately don't need.

So here I am, seven years old with a bank account buying shit off amazon at 2am because sleep hates me.

What did I order? Well I'm glad you asked. IDWs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles volume 7. Yup. Wait what? Ninja Turtles? Really!? Yes really, shut your pie hole!

It's a childish love that I had that stuck with me. I dont know why, so dont ask!

I've been in awe of ninja turtles since the mid to late 80s where they began their steady climb from comics, to cartoons, to finally games and movies. I love them. I'm a fan I mean, I'm not actually in love with them, weirdos.

So yes I'm pretty stoked that I got IDWs volume 7 in my collection and truth be told, IDWs version of their stories is probably better than the original. Well, not really, but it's pretty damn close.

Shredder and Splinter are more fleshed out and have more bearing on the story. The turtles are kind of the same, minus some story changes. New characters made me fall further into a TMNT trance than I thought possible. Did I mention Leonardo is awesome?

If your into graphic novels and like TMNT I suggest you check IDWs version, you will not be disappointed. It's a fresh view and has some good stories to tell. has them around $30 each and runs a little over 300 pages each book. Each story however has a different artist so things do get weird sometimes from story to story, which I didnt like in some of the volumes I have. But definitely nice hardcover books that have a bookmark with it. Looking at this volume 7 with Michelangelo on the cover, it has an orange bookmark to match. It's the small things.

Good stories, artwork, and amazing ninja turtle action. You cant go wrong.

4.3 Kicks to the jaw out of 5 for the IDW series so far

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