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Play Time, miss those days

Growing up in Paterson, playing on the back porch with my cousin, we would play ninja turtles and unfortunately we didnt have mousers or enough foot clan ninja to reenact from the original TMNT movie or make our own stories, so we would employ small Lincoln logs as mousers and the hordes of GI Joe's as foot ninja. We would also have instant replay, since there were times battles moved from different areas, these were shown in slow motion to get the best view of the battle. This is probably weird AF, but hey, as kids we loved it and it was normal.

Also probably not normal. Using a gigantic barbie house for our pleasure, making it April O'Neils house and completely destroying it with the ultimate battle. Shredders foot soldiers (GI Joes) breaking through doors, windows, and anywhere else they could get in, demolishing the place like an 80s rock band, while the ninja turtles tried to defend themselves, even the help of Casey Jones proved no match for the numbers Shredder sent to deal with those pesky turtles.

Baxter Stockman, Bebop, Rocksteady, Slash, mousers, General Tragg were all waiting, I remember it well. As the foot clan soldiers attacked from upstairs, the main force of these Turtle killing assassins were coming from below. It's a time I'll never forget. All hope would be lost soon enough, even with the back up of Usagi Yojimbo it was no use. I'm pretty sure Mondo Gecko and Fugitoid died in the first few minutes, showing us how fucked up things had gotten and quickly.

Sure the turtles survived for another battle another day and Shredder most likely listened to his failing assassins pissed off and ready to murder someone, but I wasnt there. I was there for the turtles and Jones narrow escape, I was there for the barbie house being destroyed, and I was there with Leonardo in hand ready to defend my family, while Splinter stayed at home most likely watching television.

I miss those times. Playing with my cousin on the back stairs with no care in the world other than what the next ninja turtle story would be. Playing Ninja Turtles 24/7, reenacting movie scenes, playing the video games, and most importantly being Leonardo, my favorite turtle.

I miss those days of playing in the attic destroying my cousin Samanthas barbie house in my imaginary battle for New York. (I'm sorry Sammy, I cant help that the fate of the NYC rested in the ultimate fight that came inside that barbie mansion)

I miss those days.

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