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PJ Pests! Sticky Splat!

It's time to be a hero!

As a parent with children we are all subjugated to watch cartoons, some we actually secretly like and others feel like we are getting punched in the face with a hammer.

So interesting enough my three year old loves PJ Mask, and who wouldnt? Kids running around free, hopped up on candy corns, delivering justice to other kids, and they have super powers? Sign me the hell up!

As I sit back enjoying this show and seeing the obvious Children of the corn like town fall to the destructive nature of three villains who do bad things just because, I wonder what made them this way. What made Luna Girl the way she is? What about Romeo, evil Jimmy Neutron wannabe? How about the kid foot clan leader Night Ninja? Why are they bad guys?

Why does Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko fight crime and only at night? I have tons of questions that I need answered before insanity takes over.

I also think some changes are necessary to keep my head in the game, to make things a little interesting and to teach kids a life lesson.

"We kill the batman."

That's right I said it, we take out one of the main characters. Gecko will suffice. The super group of Night ninja, Luna Girl, and Romeo somehow take out the green superhero. Yea, see now it got interesting, now I would he staring and whispering "holy shit." This kids show just got good.

Next I need a moment of uncertainty for our main characters, a single scene where someone like catboy doesnt know if he should take that step into darkness and take a life for revenge or for the sake of the town because for heroes, they pretty much suck, the evildoers are always escaping and always coming back the next day to screw things up. I mean come on, I saw Night Ninja steal a school bus and making it an armored vehicle, for what reason who the hell knows, now how are these kids gonna get to school in the morning?! How?!

Come to think of it, maybe murdering a kids cartoon character wouldnt make sense, because what does the bad guys actually accomplish? Maybe I have it all wrong, maybe the PJ mask showing leanancy keeps the baddies from going over that line where they cant come back from, maybe eventually they will learn their lesson. Or maybe Gecko should be beaten like Jason Todd. (If you dont know Jason Todd, hes Robin, who was beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker, get with it people!)

I mean I had to deal with Optimus Prime dying. Almost seeing Duke from GI Joe die because of his step brothers negligence and immaturity issues. (Get your head in the game Falcon!)

After all this insane rambling about a kids show I have no idea where I was even going or what my point was other than to waste precious time.

Yeah, so I need a little entertaining storyline to help me get through multiple episodes of kids cartoons, which I would be lying if I didnt say i didnt get sucked into. I could watch anything. I may just be nitpicking, but a little anguish in a show for toddlers couldn't hurt anyone.

(This is why I would never be able to make kids shows.)

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