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Pizza Table Wars

It's been years since the 'pizza table wars', years of uneasy peace has been established since then. Many people were lost during those times....the dark times, as I remember it. Blood was shed, families were split in two, brothers fought brothers, sisters against sisters, cousins against cousins.

Game of thrones 'Battle of the bastards' was written because of those 'Pizza table wars', of course they changed some things, but for the most part it was all about a real life squabble for the pizza table.

You dont know how rough it was during that time, you couldnt trust anyone, because if you let your guard down, you knew damn well that your family, your blood, would betray you and take it for themselves. That pizza table was the equivalent to Saurons ring of power and it ruined lives. I'm glad those dark times are over....or are they?

Did you ever fight over the table that came with the pizza? If so let us know in the comments!

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What the fucks this lady doing!?

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