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Pin, a film that will make you question... Why?

Growing up in the tundra that is Canada during the dull Summers, I would just lounge around in the summer heat out in the middle of nowhere. Cable tv became a staple in growing up, minus playing video games and hanging out with friends. But there was this one film that I indeed found to be both a wonder and yet a strange discovery where I was shocked and still haunts me to this very day.

The movie Pin is something of an odd curiosity, in my opinion. It's like witnessing a train wreck with moments of excitement sprinkled through it. Now it's directed by Sander Stern, who, for the most part, know nothing about it, and it Stars actors of various ages and talent ranges. But the one human actor that I will mention who is excellent in it is the talented Terry O'Quinn of Stepfather fame.

Now, it's the kind of movie that honestly dives into mental illness. Complete and utter mental illness, which there's nothing wrong with showing whatsoever. But it does it in such a way that really makes you think. Because when you think of mental illness in a horror film setting, you think of movies like Silence of the Lambs type stuff or Henry S. or anything along those lines.

So Terry O'Quinn plays a Doctor by the name of Dr. Frank Linden. Which, in my opinion, should've just called him the Danny Tanner of the film. Has a life-sized anatomically correct medical dummy in his office which he calls "Pin". Which islets be frank, the dumbest name you can give to an anatomically correct mannequin. The massive ventriloquism makes it appear the dummy can talk and interact with the kids to understand the human boy and attempt not to make it weird. Which watching this for the first time was something that made me laugh. Imagine being me and watching the great Terry O'Quinn phone it in, pretending the dummy is talking to his Weiner kids, who are named Leon and Ursula.

Like I get it, you want to educate your kids about the human body to save yourself from embarrassment, but isn't that the job of a parent? But anyway, this leads to the kids discussing stuff about the human body. Which I guess is essential to the plot, but that's not what you're here, though! You're here to read about the scene that had me laughing my ass off, not just as a tender lil fella with too much time on my hands. But Leon is off his rocker as his Dad witnesses him having entire-blown conversations with Pin, which, let's be fair, isn't that bad to an extent. Kids have imaginary friends and talk to their toys and all that jazz. Cause kids are like that, well some kids that is. Kids that probably don't have friends and whatnot...I'm not self projecting in the slightest.

*What could possibly go wrong?*

Just so I don't go too off the tracks with this one. The Dad takes Pin to a convention or something like that and leaves the kids home. Later that day, Terry O'Quinn dies in a horrible car accident. Did Pin kill him, or was the Dad is a terrible driver? Most likely caused by his agent telling him to run for the movie as fast as he could because I can't recall seeing him ever talking about this movie. But here's the thing that made me wonder just who in their right mind would do this to the kids who lost their Dad. The police give the doll back to the kids, and at this point, it doesn't talk to them, and they wonder just why that is. Leon does more than his Sister, who isn't batshit insane. Now, this leads up to the most significant part of the movie.

Before I dive into any spoilers, I want to say that this film also has Jonathon Banks play the voice of Pin while he talks to the brother. Now, he is an excellent actor, and being in this movie makes it a tad bit better. Cause once you realize it's him, it really will make you think. Because this movie, if it didn't use the tropes of other films in the day, would be on my top film list. But when they make it into a who's the killer type of film, then it kinda ruins it, in my opinion. Now, keep in mind my opinion is just that, an opinion. You might love this movie for how it's written or directed or for whatever.

Before I take this into spoiler territory, I want to bring up the scene that made me laugh my ass off. There's a scene when the main characters are kids, and the Dad hires a Nurse. Leon being his usual self, spies on the Nurse around Pin. It's the type of scene you like. Okay, Leon is making sure nothing happens to Pin right, so he watches, and you wouldn't believe what happens next. Now, it had me laugh out loud and looking back on it, I can't believe they put this in the movie except for a shock value moment. Maybe to get mentioned so more people would come in droves to see it.

Leon watches as the Nurse starts to caress her fingers along its body and slowly violates this poor dummies rights. She sexually assaults poor Pin; I'm not joking. There's a sensual sex scene with Pin; now you don't see nudity or anything like that. It's all implied. But the way they did it was so damn funny that I couldn't help but rewind it and watch it a few times. It doesn't belong there, but I get why they did it. So honestly, Leon rats her out to his Dad, and the Nurse gets fired. Then that's it; it's never mentioned again or brought up. So at least there's a Dummy sex scene, I guess...Merry Christmas, and welcome to Canada.

*Look at those poor dead eyes*

***SPOILERS*** Though the movie is old enough to vote and die for its country at this point. I figure it best to put this in the article, so no one gets mad and starts throwing haymakers at me again. You know who you are.

So Dorothy enters the picture, and now the kids are older, and Leon slaps his Dad's suit on Pin and a new face and a red wig. It looks so life-like that you think it was played by the Macho Man. So the Sister gets a job and falls in love with a real human being, and Leon just goes deeper into whatever he's into.

Then the movie kinda takes a stupid turn from making you wonder if perhaps Pin is really alive and moving bout on its own. To a sorta dumb horror movie like a lamer version of who's the killer. So the Sister's new love gets murdered, and no one knows who did it? Like was a drifter, or perhaps someone's agent wanting them out of the movie?

The big question on who's making all the killing is that it could, and I do mean it could be Pin which, let me remind you, is just a dummy, and there's nothing been shown saying otherwise. They pretty much tell you that it's Leon cause you know the kid that talks to a dummy have to be the killer, right? If you guessed that Leon was the killer, then you'd be right. With a trail of bodies and the Sister taking matters into her own hands puts Leon is in his place. Then comes the shocker, the big reveal, the big lead-up that is in this movie's universe and sorta leaves you wondering just why did they put this in? The Sister took an ax and destroyed Pin. Just why did they have to do this?

Leon is in a mental ward now and has fully become Pin himself. Isn't that original and never before done? Boy, I'm surprised by that at all.

This movie is enjoyable if you look past the predictable ending and lackluster acting in some scenes. If you're like me and dislike how they couped out, in the end, you'll also find enjoyment in this.

Before I leave you here today, I want to say that my Dad caught me watching this movie, and he told me it was suitable for the most part until the ending. He was right, and that Pin sex scene was the cherry on top.

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