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Peter Rosenberg

So as I drove home from work today, I do what I normally do, I put on the Michael Kay show on ESPN to pass the time to see what's what in sports and entertainment.

Well, today, Peter Rosenberg, who is a part of the show said that King Kong vs Godzilla was the worst movie of all time, or something to that affect. See, he believes the humans had no coherent story or plot, when in actuality there was, and yes it was dumb and most of it made no sense. That's not the point. The point was King Kong vs Godzilla. Who gives a shit on the "why" or the "how"? Fans, real fans just want them to fight, it could of been over a God damn pop tart and it would of been fine.

I'm also getting the hint that he either didnt see Skull Island, Godzilla 2014, and King of Monsters and doesnt understand what the plot is or what is happening in that monster universe.

I dont get why people like Rosenberg hate a movie when it was a Monster sci fi movie....Who gives a damn about the human characters, it wasnt about that, we're there to watch the monsters. The humans are there as spectators and to push the two Giants toward each other.

That's the point...two monsters fighting, that's all that it is.

But it's ok Rosenberg, you didnt get it, you most likely didnt watch any of the old movies or even the new ones. But let me know if you do watch the old films and let me know if it made sense.

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