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Paddington Bear photoshops

A person on Twitter just posts photoshopped pictures of Paddington Bear into all different types of movies and it grabbed my attention. So I decided to show a couple of his work. His work is called, 'I Photoshop Paddington Into another movie until I forget', classic title that will live on for decades.

Predator....he looks so distraught that Arnold is shooting into the trees at something he probably can't see...or maybe he does see it.

Halloween! Yes, Paddington Bear is out to kill, sitting back there creepy as fuck.

Scream! Paddington is loose, calling people about their favorite scary movies and murdering people!

Go go power Rangers!!! He's the 7th member and master ninja.

Paddingtons look says "Oh Shit"

Stop eating your fucking sandwich and run!

Can Paddington actually turn to a zombie? I don't think so. Definitely a valuable member of the team.

Don't breathe....don't move...don't make a fucking sound Paddington! This stresses me out!

What did you think of Paddingtons days out? For more check out Jaythechou@Jaythechou who is person responsible for putting these creepy fun photos together on Twitter.

#PaddingtonBear #PaddingtonPhotoShop

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