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Owen Hart: chasing away the shadow

It was August of 1994 and I remember like it happened yesterday. Owen Hart, the hard worker and amazing person he is has put his heart and soul into everything hes done up to this point. His hard work would pay off and the shadow that was cast above him was dwindling away by the second.

Owen Hart, The King of Harts, would finally get what he deserved, a world title match against his brother Bret. He wasnt looking to jump out of his brothers shadow anymore, he wanted to kick that shadow down a bunch of stairs and throw it into traffic.

But some stories dont have a happy ending. Some knights dont save the princess, instead are eaten alive by the dragon. This is a time where destiny would be pulled away, almost deleted, to nothingness.

It's like 'The nothing' from neverending story came into the WWE and helped Bret Hart destroy Owen Harts chances of winning that world belt.

The match was set: Summerslam 1994 would pit Owen Hart again against his brother Bret Hart, this time for the world wrestling federation championship.

But a few weeks before, Owen would get a shot outside the Cage in a lumberjack match, a chance to take the title away from Bret before the paperview. Owen Hart, the king, would go into that match and defeat his big brother. He would hold that title up high as a champion, seconds seemed like minutes as his friends would hold him up high as a true king. Until the dumb referees got involved. Much like in the NFL, sometimes these people are idiots! "Interference helped Owen Hart win." Dumb. Bret Hart fell into Jim the Anvil Niedharts hand and fell and if you dont want interference, why have twenty guys outside the ring? I dislike you refs!

They restarted the match and Bret came out on top....conspiracy!

This didnt stop the Summerslam battle from happening, where the two kings would battle for the championship that everyone wanted. Owen verses Bret, inside a Steel cage!

August 29th, 1994 Summerslam, the co main event of the evening would pit the brothers against each other inside of the cage for the world title. The match was amazing and went back and forth, keeping us, the fans, on the edge of our seats. Could Owen defeat his brother Bret and show the world who truly was the best.

The match felt like it went on forever, but in a good way. Owen was putting up one hell of a fight against his brother in every way. Brawling, technically, and high flying. Back and forth the two brothers fought, both almost escaping, but being stopped by his opponent. Finally both managed to climb the cage and climb over at the same time, both still scratching and crawling to hit the floor first.

Three feet. That's all Owen needed to win was, three feet. That's how far he was from the ground, from obtaining what he dreamed of, what he very well deserved. Three feet is what held him back from winning the world title that his brother Bret held from him. Three damn feet.

Climbing down the cage while hitting each other, Bret finally hit Owen with a decent shot to the face, which dazed Owen just enough for him to lose his balance, this in turn made his leg slip inside the bars of the cage as he fell, his leg was caught up and he hung upside down three feet away from the floor. Three feet away from leaving the shadow of Bret Hart. Hes destiny was destroyed that night, three feet away from victory, he watched his brother jump to the floor for the win.

That night was epic in nature for both superstars, they put on a show, and the chemistry between them was amazing. The brothers again stole the show of yet another paperview.

Will Owen ever get out of Brets shadow? Time would tell....but Summerslam showed that he truly deserved a chance to shine as champion. Unlike Bret who won merely by chance.

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