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Outside the Wire

The question we all wanted to know was answered in this Netflix film, "What would happen if Ultron took over Falcon?" has been plaguing me since Anthony Mackie took over the character in Captain Americas Winter Soldier in 2014.

Before you go any further, I'm gonna be throwing out spoilers and theres not a God damn thing you can do about it. Ok? Good.

The movie is about a Lieutenant who is a drone pilot who makes a decision against orders to take down a vehicle without full proof of being a threat. He takes it out and in the process loses a few soldiers, which is a big no-no. Hes kind of cold to the whole thing seeing that two soldiers dying is better than a whole unit being killed.

This prompts the higher ups to take action and send him to the warzone under Captain Leo, a AI humanoid, that acts and reacts like a human. Hes basically a Terminator with feelings. Anthony Mackies character requested Damson Idris's character LT Thomas Harp, basically for a secret mission since the military doesnt want to get rid of Harp despite his going against orders. Kinda like when the Giants didnt care Lawrence Taylor was doing cocaine, hes just so good that they just turned their head to the friendly fire that cost lives.

This brings the two main characters together which shows what kind of characters they are, that the human is colder than the actual AI, and that's the ride we are on, bringing these two to the point of drawing the line in the sand for both of them. Meanwhile, Anthony Mackies character has been manipulating Irzas character the entire time, asking him to do things that helps set him free in which he cant be controlled anymore. This sets up the path of the final confrontation between the two in which Mackie wants to nuke the United States for what they've done in Ukraine, So America has some taste of what this country is going through during their civil war with Russia while American bombs wreck the country trying to "help".

It's ok film that I enjoyed despite its problems, I was entertained to the end even though it's a less than perfect sci fi movie, it had promise. It also had robots with guns and that in itself kept me invested until the end.

Its C+/B- type of movie that you'll watch once and never again.

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