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One will stand, one will fall

Godzilla verses King Kong, the rematch of the century, two heavyweight fighters of the monsters going one on one, that's what we are getting March 26th on HBO Max, and I cant wait!

Yes, its definitely a rematch from 1962, where its assumed King Kong defeated Godzilla since hes the only one we see swim off into the sunset, they took the easy road out, almost a WWE move, attempting to make both look 'strong' by not showing us exactly what happened, but in doing so made Godzilla look like a bitch. This will not be that bitch Godzilla, this will be the King of all Monsters version that will defend his crown against the pretender King Kong.

Hopefully we get full on war with these behemoths, although we all know somehow there will be a team up against a bigger threat, most likely a human made problem that need to face together.

While King Kong was dealing with his emotional breakdowns on skull island, Godzilla was out saving the world against deadly monsters, sure he probably killed millions trying to rid the world of those gigantic beasts, but he did his job.

So who is gonna take this epic heavyweight title fight? Godzilla or Kong? Let me know in the comments below!

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