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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

God damn why havent I used this fine looking virtual reality goodness. Sure, I only played two games, which I spent my time in the world of one. That game? Superhot.

Three hours went by while I was inside this Matrix like game that had me sweating, anxious, and running around looking like a mad man to anyone that could of seen me.

Throwing shuriken at enemies, using a hatchet to behead some dude with a handgun, hitting some guy in the head with a dog bowl, swiping an uzi out of some guys hands and blasting him out of existence. Holy shit it was fun and it was probably not even the best game in the oculus, but god damn was it fun.

It got to the point where I would try to put my virtual hands on desks and counters that weren't there. The game even makes you kill yourself, which messed with my head a little bit. Shooting yourself or jumping from a building to suicide yourself messes with you a little bit, not gonna lie, I kinda cringed when they made me jump off a building. It actually took like 30 seconds for me to take that leap.

This is the type of stuff that you'll play for 12 hours and itll feel like nothing. Going all matrix on bullets while multiple enemies fire at you, where you have to make a decision on what move you'll make in the next few seconds, everything you do will matter.

Imagine getting shot in the chest by someone with a gotta pay attention to that shit damnit, keep your head on a swivel, because you dont know if theres gonna be a person above you on a catwalk or in a helicopter, or even busting through the windows. Pay attention and use your bullets sparingly! Use what you have around you! You want to block some bullets? Use what's around you. Is there no weapon? Go all Matrix, slow down and try to grab the gun from the potential murderer and turn it on him.

I for one cant wait to go back into the Matrix called Oculus. Dont even get me started on the Walking Dead game, I feel like I would die on day one of a zombie apocalypse because of confidence in myself during a zombie attack is completely nada, zero, less than zero.

So from what I played on Oculus's superhot game, I give it a 4.0 out of 5 headshots due to its huge entertainment value and addiction factor.

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