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NYG: Season Predictions

Updated: May 14, 2021

The New York Giants will not only win make the playoffs, but they will win the NFC East. That's right, I said it, and I havent felt this way about my Giants in a very long time. The roster is better than last year and Judge has that first year as head coach under his belt, ready to take the next step.

Let's take a step back, I'm getting ahead of myself here because this is on the predicated notion that Daniel Jones steps up and becomes a good quarterback. Not great, just good. I think he has the tools to become a decent QB1, but his mistakes hinder the teams ability to win games. I honestly don't know if the Giants beat Seattle last year if Jones played in that game. So this season is all on Jones, if he plays well they are on their way up, if he fails to live up to the pick he was drafted at, this will be his final opportunity to be the starter with the Giants.

On that depressing note, let's go to the schedule!

September 12th Denver at NY

This game will be the true test for Daniel Jones because against Von Miller and Bradley Chubb the offensive line better be very good in protection or Jones will be running around fumbling all over the place. Although I dont believe in Denvers QB, I believe in their defense and running game. I do think the Giants take this opening game and make a statement, I believe Patrick Grahams defense of the Giants holds down the fort and creates turnovers for both scoring and offensive opportunities to win.

This is a W, mark it down.

September 16th NYG at Washington

The Giants get two tough defensive opponents in a row, with Chase Young and company rolling in to attempt a Giants massacre, because that defense is gonna be very good this season. Again, this is a game Jones might have issues with holding onto the ball. This is a game that Barkley and Toney will get most of the touches. Quick attacks and screens to keep that Football team at bay. Again, I don't trust this teams quarterback. Fitzpatrick is a decent backup and sometimes a good starter, but inconsistency is why hes with Washington right now. But he has a young offensive group and wide receiver Terry Mclaurin is a star in the making. I think the Giants defensive backfield is stacked and will give time to the defensive pass rush to take down their QB multiple times to win this game. That's two W's! My only problem with this game is it's only four days apart, but its early in the season so it shouldn't be a huge hindrance.

September 26th Atlanta at NYG

This will be Jones coming out party, because I think the Giants destroy the Falcons at home making QB Matt Ryan rethink his life choices. I do like some of their players, but it's not enough to compete, I think its close to the end for Ryan. I do think their first round pick Kyle Pitts gives the Giants a little trouble, but because Julio Jones will probably be manned up by Bradberry, I think they double Pitts and make Ryan make mistakes. On the Giants offense I think Jones passes well in this game despite Falcons Grady Jackson constant pressure up the middle. This is a game that I think guys like Slayton, Golladay, and Ross make their presence felt. Giants take this game, making it 3 and 0....sure, it sounds like biased picks, but it's what I believe.

October 3rd NYG at New Orleans

This will be a tough game and will be a fight to the end. The Saints will be better than what people think and their defense is always sack happy, so that could be an issue for the Giants. RB Kamara is just a video game character in real life and WR Michael Thomas is a stud who is just a pass route cheat code, hes always open. I'm very high on the Giants ability to cover guys though and this team has tremendous depth, so much that barring injury, this team has the best defensive backfield in football and that will be proved in this game. This is a game Jones uses his legs, using roll outs, QB runs, and gets the ball to Engram down the middle of the field. This game wont be easy and itll be won in the fourth quarter late, but the Giant manage to take this one. 4-0 and the fans get crazy excited that the Giants look really good.

October 10th NYG at Dallas

I believe the NFC east will be more difficult to deal with this season and Dallas makes that known in this game. Dak Prescott is a very good quarterback, hes smart, and doesn't make many mistakes. I think this game is a statement game for both the Giants and Cowboys and Dak will show exactly why he got that huge contract. I believe Cowboys Elliot will be used big time in the passing game and will rush twenty or more times as the Giants hold the Cowboys relievers for most the game, while Dak does make some crazy unbelievable throws for several touchdowns. I dont trust the Cowboys defense though, so I think Jones actually throws a lot, and the Giants scheme against Dallas mirrors what they want to do. This is a game the Giants pass rush needs to be perfect and the Offense cant turn the ball over or itll be out of control fast. The Cowboys rise above all their faults though and take advantage of key mistakes, taking a Giant W from the NY Giants....I think I threw up a little saying that.

October 17th LA Rams at NYG

After a loss that hurts my heart, it just doesnt get easier. After a fast start of 4 and 0 the come up against one of the best corners in football and the best defensive linemen in football, two players that will have key roles in stopping what the Giants want to do. Add The Lions former quarterback Matthew Stafford to this team and I feel like the are not just a favorite to win the NFC west, but to make it far in the playoffs as well. The Giants will have to play smart using gimmick plays and a short passing attack to keep the Rams defense at bay, since I dont think Jones will be able to pass deep in this one, maybe a few jump balls to Golladay, but other than that itll be nonexistent. This will be a low scoring affair that puts the Giants back in the loss column. Putting the Giants at 4-2 with a two game slide.

October 24th Carolina At NYG

Former Jets QB Sam Darnold returns to NY and this time has weapons around him! How about that Jets, a team actually has players he can throw to, I know it sounds silly, but they actually have decent skill players. With that said, Mccaffery is still the face of this team, hes a pain in the ass to cover as a receiver and a pain in the ass to tackle when hes running the ball. In order to stop the Panthers, the Giants need to stop Mccaffery. I think the Giants stop the Panthers passing attack and former Carolina cornerback Adoree Jackson makes his presence felt and has a huge game. Barkely will also have a huge game, racking up a ton of yards against the Panthers with some potential long TD runs putting the Panthers in a position to throw the ball, which the Giants want. Giants win this game by two touchdowns, unless the DeSean Jackson goes vintage and crushes the Giants spirits like hes done in the past, but I dont see that happening. Giants are 5-2 at this point, fighting for first with the Cowboys and trying to hold off a surging Washington' team right behind them.

November 1st NYG at KC

Theres no point in talking about this game, the Chiefs got better, revamped their offensive line in two months while the Giants are still doing that after ten plus years. I dont understand. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a cheat code, its like someone edited him and made him 99 overall in everything. The guy is the Chuck Norris of the NFL. In thirty years random stories of how Mahomes fought a gorilla, made an omelette, and threw one hundred yards with 1 second left in the superbowl will come to light. Hes the best quarterback in the NFL and hes the most talented I've ever seen. He will go down with names like Manning, Brady, Montana, as one of the elite players ever. This is a L for the Giants, but I think they give the Chiefs a fight. Giants have a respectable record of 5 and 3.

November 7th Vegas at NYG

This is an interesting game depending on what team shows up, this team for some reason plays well against many consider the best team in football, the KC Chiefs. And I think the Giants will see a heavy dose of Jacob's running the ball and their God damn elite tight end Waller down the field. The Raiders will have issues protecting Carr though, I think Leonard William's has a huge game and puts pressure on Carr, but Carr shouldn't be overlooked as someone who will just lay down and take a loss, hes a very good quarterback, I just dont see his wideouts being great in this game, maybe it's because I'm biased and super high on the Giants defensive backs. I also dont think the Raiders can stop Barkely, putting pressure on the Raiders to blitz and put eight in the box, that's where Jones will strike down field. Itll be a close one and Carr will keep the Raiders in the game, but I think the Giants take it by a field goal putting the Giants at 6-3.

November 22nd NYG at Tampa Bay

The Giants have a crack at the Superbowl champions and potential repeat champ with the Buccaneers. The Giants played pretty well against them in their last encounter and I think theyll play even better this time around. Tampas team is almost identical to last years championship team, but the Giants always play Brady well, and itll be no different here. The former Giant JPP will come in again looking to punish his former team with their very quick defense, but with all the weapons the Giants have and the substitutions, I dont the Bucs will be able to contain it all. I think The Giants win this tough game with a big defensive stand or two in a close one. Brady to Gronk and Jones to Barkley will be huge factors in this game. Giants win putting them up 7-3

November 28th Philadelphia at NYG

This is war peacock! I hate the Eagles. I hate them even more than the Cowboys right now. They deliberately lost a game last season destroying any chance of the Giants reaching the playoffs, which to be honest, no one in the East should of been there, the NFC east was atrocious. Then they get into bed with Jerry Jones to jump ahead of the Giants to get DeVonta Smith in the draft, which pushed the Giants to move back in the draft.

This will be a game where the Giants and the media have it out for the Eagles, an attempt to put their cleats on the Eagles throats so to speak, giving them a beating and then pointing angrily as they say, "You know why!"

Revenge is this games headline and it will be had as the Giants dismantle the Eagles one feather at a time. Giants 8-3 (Laugh all you want.)

December 5th NYG at Miami

The Giants are riding high and mighty, they're playing extremely well before heading into Miami. They pretty much ride in to smack the Dolphins around, half expecting a easy win after three big wins in a potential playoff appearance season. That comes to a halt as Tua plays better this season and the Fins defense basically chokes the life out of Jones and Barkely, creating turnovers and scoring on defense. This game isnt gonna be pretty. It basically will knock the Giants back to reality. The Giants defense will play well against Tua though and will keep them in the game for a little while, but that goes away once the Giants have trouble scoring. Giants loses to be 8-4.

December 12th NYG at LAC

The Giants games dont get easier as Chargers QB Justin Herbert plays lights out as the Chargers defense led by Joey Bosa attempts to rip Daniel Jones heart out of his chest. The Chargers defense will be ready to play and I cant see the Giants winning this one, not after Miami beating them up. Daniel Jones has another rough outing making all fans mad at Gettlemen for passing up on other players for Jones in the draft at number six. Giants two game slide gets them to 8-5

December 19th Dallas at NYG

Dak Prescott and company come to the Meadowlands in a potential lock for first place or to take it away from the Giants at this point. The Giants put their mean faces on for intimidation and it works in this game. The Giants defense makes Prescott run for his life and although he makes some plays, the Giants make more to shut him down. The Giants pass rush goes off and solidifies a win against the mighty Cowboys giving the G-Men a 9-5 record, which isnt to shabby at this point.

December 26th NYG at Philadelphia

A day after Christmas the Eagles come at the Giants roaring for revenge of the first game, they come charging and are slapped in the face, knocking them unconscious with the realization that they arent good and are at this point, hoping for a good draft pick.

Giants 10-5 (suck it Philly!)

January 2nd NYG at Chicago

This game means more to the Giants than the Bears at this point. The Bears are out of contention and dont want the Giants to get a high pick out of their trade in the draft. This game will be tight, but it will show that they have their QB of the future in Fields. But hes still green and still makes mistakes. The Giants defense proves to much for Chicago and helps capture a victory sending Big Blue to a 11-5 record, not to mention a playoff spot.

January 9th Washington at NYG