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NYG, do not draft a QB!!

That's right, dont do it, even though most fans and people who aren't even fans want you to pull the trigger at our number 6 spot for a Quarterback. DONT.

Yes, we need a future quarterback, but that's next year. Right now, I want DG to build our defense and the more I think of it, the more I'm intrigued and love Gettleman.

Last year he was told, "Get a QB if you want to win!" He said fuck it, Barkley is the best player available, I'll take him."

He panned out.

Quarterback with the second pick?

Nope. DG waved his middle finger up in the air like he just didnt care and said, "Give me a God damn lineman who wants to club defensive players with his shoe!"

We grabbed Will Hernandez.

After years of having insignificant drafts he hit on multiple players.

RB Barkley Guard Hernandez DT/NT BJ Hill LB Lorenzo Carter

And potentially with Corner Sam Beal, which we will find out this year since he was hurt his rookie season.

Bottom line, Eli Manning had identical numbers to Dak Prescott who every Cowboy fan seems to think is amazing, but just above average. He did have that killer throw to defeat the G-Men in the last game of the season though, I'll admit that.

Build our defense and our offensive lines, so when we do bring in a new quarterback he is already set and its not all on him. Perfect strategy in drafting and rebuilding, that way what ever quarterback comes in, the team will be set around that person.

Dont draft a fucking quarterback! I dont care what Arizona does, because if they pick Bosa its gonna be a free for all to get Murray, which means defensive players could be available that we may not have gotten. Stay the course. Stick to the defense!

Lorenzo Carter, BJ Hill, and Sam Beal are just the start of this defensive rebuild, now it's time to help Ogletree with more backer help and Thomlinson on the line. Stay the course DG!

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