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Night of the Sentinels 2

X Men: Night of the Sentinels part 2 So the X-Men left off infiltrating a secret facility to destroy files on mutants to keep their identities secret, especially if the government is pulling a Hitler and kidnapping mutants in the middle of the night. So all is going well, which it should, the team they have assembled is pretty strong. But not so fast my friend, things are going great, even with the humans in scuba gear shooting lasers, and tanks that are basically tossed like toy cars into a small pond where Rogue tries to drowned everyone, which doesnt work.

In come the Sentinels catching the X Men team by surprise, which is all on Cyclops, hes the team leader and should of saw this shit coming. They just got done fighting a few of these damn things probably hours before. But I understand they didnt think that these things were gonna attack in numbers. There was a fire fight!!!!!!

The Sentinels absolutely kick the shit out of the team, potentially killing Morph right off the bat and incapacitation Beast within seconds. The battle has turned and the team is under constant duress with the shear numbers the giant robots are coming down with, they have no chance to stop them. Cyclops makes the choice of escaping before they all go down.

Cyclops had a tough decision and it was the right one, even if others didnt think so. This episode is awesome to develop the terrible relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops. A leader who tries to do the right thing against a warrior who likes to play by his own rules, it makes for great storytelling. Cyclops comes up with a plan to strike back and Wolverine is like, "I just want to murder and seek vengeance!" Cyclops is like, "Ok dude, take it down a notch, I like where your head is at know what, fuck it, let's go."

Their plan is to follow a Sentinel back to its source where the X Men are now ready and attack without warning, like some kind of domestic terrorists. The attack is coincidentally at the same time Jubilee escapes captivity in which she is almost captured again! This girl needs training badly. The robots are killed off and attacked from all sides, they dont stand a chance for they weren't prepared for an attack inside their own base.

It's a decent episode. I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton in this story, which is weird, but it also makes sense that she would be a part of the Sentinel program, which she tries to erase like her emails as soon as the Shit hits the news in big print reading "Mutants attack government facility." I dont trust her.

Jubilee joins Xaviers school to try and learn her craft which will hopefully help her with her decision making. Poor Morph and Beast paid for her stupid ass mistakes. Hopefully no one else pays for her mistakes. Oh I love how Beast is about to be interrogated and he was like "Not today, get the fuck out of my cell," all nonchalant and the dude listened to him, Beast is in fact, a fkn Beast. #Xmen #Marvel #Sentinels #Wolverine #Jubilee #Cyclops #RIPMorph #Beast

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