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Nets 2020/21 Champs

I'm not a Lebron James fan, in fact I root against him in every game that he plays, but the Brooklyn Nets are just not playing fair at this point lol after getting Durant, Irving, Hardin they decided to pick up Blake Griffen and now LaMarcus Aldridge from the Spurs who bought him out.

Now Aldridge isnt what he once was and hes pretty close to 40, but coming off the bench he will be an asset.

I really dont think anyone has a chance to beat Brooklyn this season, I think they should just hand them the trophy now.

LA Lakers have no shot, even at full strength, to take on the Super power of the East, the Brooklyn Nets. Its not even fair now. I still think James and AD come back healthy and make a run but ultimately will lose in the end. To bad, so sad.

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