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Netflix gives Santa a shot

Its Thanksgiving so I'll quick, there is a ton of food that I need to eat to put me into a coma waiting for me.

Christmas Chronicles hit Netflix recently and it's not half bad, given that Jack Burton aka Kurt Russell plays a new hipper version of Santa Clause that has a chaotic night of neverending problems, that he most likely saw coming.

It's a cute movie with a different twist, it doesnt duplicate older Santa Clause type movies instead it gives us something new, and hes not the center of attention.

Instead the movie is based on two children who lost their father and how they both deal with it in their separate ways on the first Christmas with out him.

A night of trying to catch Santa in the act begins a long night of chaos, redemption, and fun, as this movie is definitely worth a watch.

How does it add up to the rest of the Christmas movies? Well it's good in my opinion, but not close to the classics. White Christmas, Its A wonderful Life, Elf, The Grinch, Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th street, and even Scrooge surpasses this film, but I enjoyed it and that's what matters.

I'll give the movie a 3.0 Reindeer kicks out of 5

Give it a try on #Netflix.

#HappyTurkeyDay #Netflix #SantaChronicles #JackBurton #SantaClause

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