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Netflix and Kill

Luke has been Caged joining the Fist formally known as Iron. Two Defenders down… two Defenders remain. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. (The Punisher isn’t a Defender) Netflix, wielding the infinity Gauntlet, have instantly turned two heroes to dust though not quite as random as the Mad Titan intended. Let’s be honest, it was the two worst defenders. I know Jessica Jones is popular but I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if she got the axe, or the boot, or the snap next. My personal feelings aren’t that this is some kind of power play from Netflix or the purge of Marvel from their library. Those shows just weren’t that good. From what I remember reading, those shows would not be affected by the Marvel streaming service. It was just the movies and other content that would be removed. I could be completely wrong about this. I do know one thing for sure, they better leave Frank Castle out of whatever this is. The Punisher season one was pure gold. In my to-do list I will do a full review of the Punisher’s first stand-alone season. Look for it soon. We know season two has been shot and I expect a 2019 release. It didn’t take long for the Castle to become arguably the fan favorite among the Netflix band of heroes. In fact it was long before the Punisher’s first season was given the green light. Daredevil season two was very good. With everything going on Jon Bernthal walked on set and stole the show instantly, perfectly embodying Frank Castle and doing what he does best… Punishing.

Woah.. I need to control myself. Sorry I just get excited thinking about the Punisher. I was about to paint a skull on my tac vest and pursue criminals… or binge eat Chinese food while re-watching the entire season.

Bottom line, until Daredevil, The Punisher, or Jessica Jones gets the Thanos snap I think they are just cutting the poor performers.

What are your thoughts on the Marvel purge from Netflix? Are you panicking? Sign up, or log in, and leave a comment below.

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