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NBA: Monstars

LeBron James might have put together his best team to date, maybe of all time. It might be an older roster but it's filled with talent from top from bottom. Sure, this would be a super super team years ago, but it's still a Allstar team. Which brings me to the question: How much help does LeBron James fucking need to win a title?

Imagine if Michael Jordan recruited Shaq to play with? Imagine that shit? MJ would of won more titles and we wouldn't even put James in the conversation of greatest ever. Even Shaq at one point said, "I didn't know I could do that," meaning he didn't know superstars could play with other superstars. Usually those superstars played against other stars.

It just doesn't make sense to me that they need that much talent to win. On other side of it, Carmelo Anthony joined the Monstars of LA and I'm happy for him, he deserves a chance at winning a title after the debacle in NY as a Knick. That's the one thing I'm happy about, but at the same time, I hope the Lakers get knocked out of the first round again, that series against the Sun's made me extremely happy and satisfied.

The Sun's kicked James out of the playoffs and it still gives me joy. LeBron James is the Dr Evil of the NBA and him losing is what makes most fans happy in life. So here's to the Monstars, the LA Lakers, to lose again in the playoffs next year. Although, again, everyone is screaming this is an unstoppable team, and again most likely gonna cry when they didn't have enough talent around LeBron to win. It seems like that happens every year. "James and his team is gonna run through everyone!" "Well....James didn't have enough good players around him to win." Same damn thing, every season. It's annoying. It's almost as annoying as hearing the damn Dallas Cowboys fans talk about a Superbowl every season.

It's like every year LeBron James does something else to deliberately piss me off even though he had no idea who I am. I just hope he continues last years trend of losing in the first round.

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