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NBA: A King Falls to a Prince

Once upon a time there was a King who was ruler of the land called the NBA. The King had rested many days and nights, so when the battle against the mighty hungry warriors of Phoenix arrived, he would be ready to quell their advance further into playoff territory. He and his knights of LA failed in their first attack and retreated into the hills to hopefully regain the tide of battle on another day. The Suns of Phoenix battled ferociously against their foe of LA, with Prince Devin Booker leading the charge. The mighty prince fought hard and bravely, leading his men to a hard fought victory.

Tonight, King James along with his greatest knight, Anthony Davis, and will head Phoenix again to stop the Suns advance and to show who the true king is, not some young prince that prophecy has spoken about. Prince Booker of Phoenix will attempt to squash King James attempts at holding gold again, as he and his men are the first in the defensive line to stop King James. But can King James be stopped? Some feel like the Knights of Phoenix might be the NBAs best hope. But some feel that The Kings triumph is inevitable.

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