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Naruto update: War

Updated: May 9, 2021

A lot has happened in the 40 or so episodes I've watched since my last update and as we stand, we are at war. Not some dinky few battles here and there, this is like world war 2 shit now.

The lands of Earth, Wind, Fire, lightning, and water has joined together into the first ever Allied Shinobi force to take on The Akatsukis leader Tobi who aligned himself with a returning Kabuto, who learned a forbidden jutsu to reanimate the dead and holy shit did he do just that.

War is happening all over the place as four great armies as well as special forces groups head to stop Tobi from accomplishing his way of peace, his way of making everyone slaves with a special Jutsu, but he needs all the tailed beasts, much of which he has already, but in that process he lost most of his super powered shinobi which led to his partnership to Kabuto, which I feel he will regret.

So we have war on multiple fronts, bringing some side characters into key fights, which I personally love. It brought some key Land of Lightning characters to the forefront like Darui, who quickly became a favorite of mine.

With all this going on, all to save the world and to protect Naruto and Bee, who is the eight tails, who were on an island training until Kabuto attacked, at that point, Naruto, who was under the impression he was on a mission, realized he was being lied to, because he began sensing the war, so Naruto did what he does, he runs off to hopefully stop the war single handedly, and Bee, who was supposed to protect him and keep him on the island said, "Fuck it, I'm coming with you."

So the two heavy hitters on the allied shinobi force is headed to war, which, they should of been in the first place. Why would you keep your strongest pieces off the board? Even if it was to protect them. What if the war was lost? They would of had to fight thousands of opponents, including the reanimated, how could they defeat that?

So jumping around and missing some key fights, I'm going right to Naruto. Naruto finally has come to terms with Kurama, the nine tails. They are one and now Naruto can use the full power of the giant fox, which you see is more powerful than all the tailed beasts combined, which is shocking to Tobi, who feels like taking down Naruto will be easy.

While Naruto is about to fight Tobi, far away the Kage's (leaders of each land) combine their might to go one on one with a reanimated Madura Uchiha, one of the most powerful Warriors of all time and we see that when he is barely breaking a sweat against the five leaders who are barely holding on.

Even further away, is Sasuke, who said Fuck this and left where he was staying, killing multiple clones of Zetzu, who was an ally, Sasuke basically doesn't care about anything except vengeance at this point. But he gets to meet his reanimated brother and finally have a conversation, sort of, they are kind of bonding while fighting Kabuto, who is strong as hell now, and is in snake sage mode.

What I liked:

The war is bigger than what I thought it would be. Add that to several appearances by old foes, some memorable confrontations, and several characters getting large power upgrades, it's been fun. Especially now that Kurama and Naruto are basically one and unstoppable (for the most part). Plus hes contacted the other tailed beasts and most likely will receive power from them all to become Goku powerful. Plus they have a catchy theme song for the tailed beasts which I'll put down below.

All in all it's been a crazy run for Naruto, with many encounters left, including Naruto vs Sasuke which is inevitable.

So, if you like Naruto, what do you think of the war? If you havent checked it out, you should!

Tailed beast song! Catchy as hell!

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