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Naruto: End Game

Finally! The war is over, but so much happened in just a few episodes including everyone basically losing for a time, while Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke try to figure out how to defeat Madura. Woooo! To much to even write about here, so much happens in the end!

It took 7 months of nonstop watching, almost like a second and third job to get to the end of both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, but we finally made it. Finally, the war is over.

When I first began watching Naruto, watching the main character and his shenanigans was really annoying, but he grew on me, it was like he was growing up in front of my eyes. Every win and loss I felt, I began rooting for Naruto, and hoping for his success. It felt like he was another of my children that I hoped succeeded in following his dreams and accomplishing every goal he set out to do.

The war had some fun action, but in end Naruto and Sasuke are just above and beyond the strongest in the world, so defeating a super Madura was inevitable, although there was a twist.

Obito Uchiha also turned and became a favorite of mine after trying to do the right thing after years of trying to bring his version of peace because of his diluted sense of hope, hope that brought despair, almost like a dictator he felt that his way, despite it being wrong for most, was the best hope for peace. His sacrifice made up for everything he did In the past.

This show is deep rooted in history, everyone has a life, imaginary or not, they're written like they are real, with real emotions and real development. The back stories are rich and aren't repetitive, with Both the heroes and villains having reasons for what they do.

Naruto and Sasuke joining together in order to defeat their enemy with Kakashi, Sakura, and Obitos help was top notch awesome. I'm leaving out the twist of it all, although what happens here directly affects what happens in Barutos series.

The end fight between Sasuke and Naruto was absolutely the best fight in the series, both going all out to end the debate once and for all. Brothers fighting to the bitter end. The animation was top notch and the best work in the series and rightfully so, they deserved this. A battle we wanted since the beginning of it all, we finally get and I wasn't disappointed.

And as this battle, this story ends, I'm left somewhat sad. It's like reading your favorite book, knowing your favorite character won't be the same again, that change is coming, and maybe we might not see this character like this ever again. Yes, there's Baruto, and our favorite characters play their part, but it's not the same.

All well.

Rating time!! What do I give Naruto Shippuden? What else but a 5 star- Amazing rating would do here. It's one of the best anime shows created and it requires your applause and adulation. So stand up wherever you are right now, close your eyes, and thank Zeus that this show exists.

What did you think of Naruto? Is it the best of all time? Did the Sasuke vs Naruto fight end the way you thought? Comment below and let us know!

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