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Naruto...better storytelling than DBZ

Thats right, I said it, Naruto, which i just recently as three months ago got into, has better storytelling than Dragon Ball Z. Yes, it breaks my heart in several pieces knowing this simple truth, especially for a show I refused to watch. Then it happened. Several little humans I call sons brought this amazing show to my attention and Ive been hooked ever since.

Dragon Ball Z has characters like Vegeta, Goku...yea I put Vegeta first, because hes the damn Prince of all Saiyans, so put some respect on his god damn name! Back to the point. DBZ has many characters that I love, Goten, Android 17, Trunks, Buu, but they just dont have the back stories or history that the characters of Naruto have, like its not even close with the writing. Naruto has emotion and story arcs that make you sit at the edge of your seat for, not that I havent been in that situation with DBZ, I was when Vegeta told his son Trunks he was proud of him, right before he committed suicide to try and destroy an enemy he couldnt beat, knowing he needed to stop Buu from killing his family, it was emotional and it was a huge turn for Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z has moments, but Naruto has heart in its stories. Sure its all about the fighting in the end, the main story is Sasuke and Narutos relationship, rivalry, and friendship. Now i dont know everything yet, since Im still in the middle of watching the show, but so far its been phenomenal. Ok, I know, some of it is semi perverted, weird, and there is a lot of filler sometimes, but when they hit you with the actual story arcs, it gets amazing.

Naruto and Sasuke are great characters, but there are a ton of others on both sides, "bad" and "good" guys who are just as amazing. Even the comic relief characters I hated grew on me because over time you get a sense of who they are and why they are the way they are, because in their world they have dealt with certain things that mold them into characters we see, and sometimes we see first hand how they are molded and why they do what they do.

Some characters straight up annoyed me, like the female characters, specifically Sakura, but then their characters developed and she became a smart bad ass women who wasnt afraid to fight, this coming from a girl who took no shit from anyone and became one of the stronger people in the show. In DBZ there isnt much development other than getting stronger and learning new abilities. Naruto changes over time, its emotional, and has moments that transform him into a ferocious beast. He was just a screw up when he started training as a ninja and even as he gets stronger hes still having issues, no matter how strong he gets, there is something always in his path to getting to strong.

Dont get me wrong, I love Dragon Ball Z, I was obsessed with it, I still am to an extent, especially or Vegeta. I think Vegeta is just a great person to root for, but now that love pushed on with Naruto and his endless amount of friends and allies. I care what happens to these people and I dont know what will happen with certain players in this show. One episode I really believed Narutos entire team would be killed, it was upsetting, but at the same time great to see kids grow into a unit that sacrifices for each other and was willing to die for the mission at hand.

Maybe its more emotional when you see specifically the way these characters are when they are young and sympathize with them, even feel for them if you really dug deep down inside and tried to think how you would feel in their shoes. Gaara , one of my favorites in the show has one of those backstories. Being alone and having everyone fear him pushed him towards being lonely and not needing anyone, but he changes over time, learning from his mistakes, becoming a more all around solid character.

Dragon Ball Z is top notch and will probably will never drop below Naruto, but it should be close, damn close. Naruto is great storytelling....most the time. Regardless of popularity, Naruto overtakes DBZ in writing, backstories, and development of characters.

So are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, maybe both? What do you think, does Naruto have better story telling compared to DBZ or am I off my rocker? Comment below and tell me why or why not...

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