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My top ten favorite animated characters!

A list! Who doesn't like a list! This list is very debatable for me and it's a list I thought about doing for a long time, this is my top ten favorite animated characters! This includes all types of animated characters, so this is somewhat tough because I know there will be deserving people that I have love for that just missed the cut. I'll make it up to them somehow. The characters I've chosen are from both animated shows and Anime, I'm going to leave out the animated movies to make it easier for myself. With that said, let's go! 10. The Shredder-TMNT

Yes! This bad ass is one of my favs and he's the main villain and most famous of all the Ninja Turtles enemies, as he should be. This legend has been a thorn in the sides of four Mutant Turtles since the beginning and he has a vendetta against their Master, Splinter. The 2002 and 2012 series gives us the best iteration of the character as the 80s and early 90s version basically made him a coward who whines and runs away constantly. The 2002 and 2012 Ninja Turtle Series change him in some ways, but for the better. Plus he takes on the Batman and actually beats him in Batman vs TMNT animated movie! He was an absolute bad ass in that. 9. Killua- Hunter X Hunter

Damn, I love this kid. An assassin who because a Hunter that hangs out with his best friend trying to help him find his dad. He and Gon get stronger and stronger together and I love it. I also love that he has that cocky attitude most the time against people who believe that he's weak. He's also aggressive in fights and isn't afraid of giving a quick killing blow. Now I haven't seen the whole series yet, but so far he's got his hunters license, went into a game where he leveled up and showed how fast he can learn to get stronger. Currently he's fighting against Chimera Ants that mutate, which makes them basically mutants with powers and almost died fighting them. He has that Vegeta vibe about him, except he's extremely loyal to Gon, his best friend. At this point in the story Killua would probably die to protect his friend. He's just legit fun to watch cause he's cold to it all and killing is second nature to him. 8. Gaara- Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

God I love Gaara. I loved how he couldn't control his power or his blood lasting rage when we first see him. I love how Orichmaru basically makes him the main weapon against the leaf village in his deceptive attempts at making the Leaf and Sand village, Sunagakure, go to war for his own selfish reasons. Gaara is definitely strong and kinda freakishly evil in the beginning but completely changed after fighting Naruto. He got control of his tailed beast named Shukaku and even became leader of his people after they were deathly afraid of him. In the fourth great Shinobi war he stepped up as the main General against Madura and his evil forces of Reanimated Ninja and his giant White Zetsu army. He's just awesome. I remember during Naruto's first series how he and his sand siblings, Temari and Kankurō appeared to help their former enemies when Sasuke was taken, I yelled at the TV that Gaara was coming much to the most likely embarrassment from my kids. He's awesome! 7. Ahsoka- Star Wars Clonewars/Rebels

Clone wars the animated movie she made her debut and I was not impressed, although I was still intrigued. She came off as an annoying little brat that I hoped was part of those who were taken out in the Jedi Temple. She slowly gained not only my respect as a character, but my love as well. Her learning from Anakin, even some of his bad lessons that she picks up on, how sometimes he goes around the rules, she picks up on it all as his padawan which is awesome. She becomes one of the better Clone Wars characters throughout the series and has some great moments, especially against Ventress and Maul. Her character shines extremely bright especially in the final arc of Clone Wars where the Galaxy is about to collapse to the new Empire. She's just such a good character and you'll find it hard not to love her when you basically watch her grow up in front of you. 6. Maul- Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels

Maul the assassin, the warrior, the leader, call him what you want, he was cool as hell in everything he did. From being used for his entire life from Palpatine, from surviving a death blow for years, holding onto his single hatred of Obi Wan Kenobi and the jedi and returning for revenge. He gave all the jedi a giant headache, most especially Obi-Wan. He joined up with Death Watch and took Mandalore, and took on Pre Vizsla in a one on one duel to the death for leadership. Greatness over and over. The greatness of Maul is his rise. The Mandalore arc which starred him, including his betrayal of his former master was brilliant. Maul vs Ahsoka was beautifully done, from the fight to everything he says. Even his eventual end was met with a brilliant stroke of magical storytelling. 5. Sasuke-Naruto, Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke, the loner and outsider who lost everything at such an early age, pushing his life into one of revenge and the thirst for power. His story is extremely sad and I felt for him, even as he turned his back on the people who actually cared. He has a one track mind and didn't care what happened to him as long he fulfilled his goals which ultimately pushed him to become one of the strongest in the Naruto universe. I love seeing how he barely could defeat most characters at his level or just above and then quickly adapt to get stronger. Even his relationship with Naruto is up and down, but awesome. His need to be the best also resonates with me in some capacity. He's cunning and cold, can stay toe to toe with almost anyone especially at the end of Shippuden. Plus his fights with Naruto are some of the finest in Anime. 4. Tanjiro- Demon Slayer

One of the most fun characters I get to watch weekly is Tanjiro. Just watching him go through the heartache his character needs to get through in the beginning is reason enough to like him. His family is murdered and you feel for him and desperately want him to succeed in anything he does. His journey is rough and difficult and somehow he manages to learn enough to survive against his enemies. But what sets him apart from all others is his ability to understand and feel for the Demons who were humans just turned, they didn't ask for it, and he feels a responsibility to comfort them as they fade away. He's pretty awesome. 3. Vegeta- DBZ, DBS

Vegeta is my first anime character I loved, even though he kicked the door in of Earth and tried to kill Goku, his cocky arrogant attitude is what hooked me in. The fact that the prince of all Saiyans fought one on one with Goku and did so with all his power, then had an amazing Namek arc where he was still a bad guy but helping the good guys for his own purposes, to coming back to Earth to become part of a team was a great change for his character. All the while he was jealous of Goku's power levels and because of that worked his ass off every day to surpass Goku, even to the point of turning Super Saiyan. He kept up with his rival and even became friends, always competing. He's one of the best characters Akira Toriyama created and still loved by many, including me. 2. Zuko- Avatar: The Last Airbender

One of the best series I've ever seen and Zuko is probably the best developed character I've ever watched. It's hard not to hate him and feel for him during the series, but all that hate changes to respect and love before the series ends. Zuko is a young boy who just wants to please her father, who quite frankly has a douche of a dad. The chemistry and relationship between him and his uncle Iroh, who is the brother of his father, has some of the best writing in all animated shows period. From beginning to end you realize Iroh is the exception of the fire nation, meaning he doesn't believe in the violent ways they've been dealing with other nations and tries to teach Zuko of being a decent person despite Zuko's reluctance to listen since his vision is totally set on capturing the Avatar. Even his relationship between the avatar is great, from enemies, to reluctant allies, to friends. It's an up and down relationship that he needs to work on. You basically watch him grow up before your eyes and can't help but be proud of who he becomes. 1. Leonardo -TMNT

Well, this was pretty easy. Leonardo has been my favorite character since I was little and still has that place in my heart. From playing as his character is the arcade games, to role playing as him in real life, and using his toy when playing with my cousin on the back steps, fighting foot Ninja and stopping Shredder from taking over NY, he's always been number one. The 80s cartoon was great when I was little, but the 2002 version and 2012 versions of the series brings out the best in my favorite character and leader of the fearsome foursome. His attempts at leading by example, yet making mistakes, or trusting the wrong people make him a flawed but strong hero. His fights with Shredder show that he's the most talented Ninja and the fact that he's all in on Splinters teachings, to become the best Shinobi is his character. He believes in Bushido, studies and practices harder than anyone else and even shows in a few episodes how hard it is to lead the team when Raph panics in one episode because of all the responsibilities Leonardo has to the team. Plus who doesn't love the twin Katana's! From beginning to end of the animated series of 2002 and 2012 he was one of the best characters by far and he'll always have a special place in my heart! I've always had this connection to that character for some reason and still feel it today! So that's my top ten favorites! But there were several who were on the outskirts that I really love but couldn't push into the top ten! I feel bad for leaving them out, but they didn't make the cut! So I'll just say sorry.... Sorry to Gon, Naruto, Shikamaru, Broly, Damian Wayne, Trunks, Light, Deku, L, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Tengen Uzui, Robin/Nightwing, Aqualad, and all the pilots of Voltron. I'm sorry for leaving you guys out. Shout out to Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Wolverine, Obito, and Kakashi as well. So what ten characters are your favorites!? Let me know below! #Anime #Topten #Animated #Cartoons #Tmnt #Naruto #Hunterxhunter #Lastairbender #starwars #clonewars #Demonslayer

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