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My Top Ten Favorite Alien movies

That's right, my favorite Alien movies of all time in order of greatness to me, not you! I've been debating this article all day at work and wrote the names down of a bunch of Alien movies from the past and present to make up this list. Even now I'm not sure of most of the list, but the top two might remain in their respective spots for all time. They are the 'Prime Mike Tyson' of movies in my eyes and it would take a lot more than Buster Douglas to knock them off their pedestal. Some have come close to the top, but not close enough.

First things first, lets go with those movies that I do like that just couldn't make it into my list of awesomeness. There are so many great movies, especially in the Alien category in multiple genres of film. With that said here are several that just didn't make it for various reasons, some reasons that make no sense.



Battle for Terra, ET, Independence Day, Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Alien, and Invaders from Mars. I'm sorry, but you did not make the list. I love all these movies, but they just couldn't hack it. Of course these are amazing films in their own right and deserve all the respect in the world, well, maybe not Cloverfield or Invaders from Mars, but I still have this desire to watch those films despite campiness. Alien should of cracked the top ten, but its more of a horror movie, as most these are action, more of my style of film. There are so many more that it would take me all night to list them, I'm sure someone will comment with a movie that is great that I've forgotten about.

So here we go with my top ten favorites!




This movie was epic.

People from Earth stealing shit from another race of Aliens on a planet in a galaxy far far away. The movie is appealing visually and by the end you love the Na'Vi and hope the war goes well, even though the Marines Colonel Miles Rick Quaritch is a bad ass, you know the kind of person you want to wake you up at 430 am to motivate your ass to be stronger and healthier, thats the kind of dude I want teaching preschoolers.

  • The Na'Vi warriors against the Marines at the end is just perfection. What a fun time to watch Marines desecrating forbidden land and blow away those who dared to defy them. I just want one of the Marines ships to be honest, I'd like to take one to work, you know just to come all fancy like. Nothing says "fancy" like rolling into work with AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship, showing off that I have rockets and machine guns on both doors and potentially can roll out a squad of Marines to give me cover fire while I attempt building furniture during the day. Sounds like a dream come true doesn't it? All in all this was a entertaining movie that sticks with you. Just a beautiful movie.



They Live-

Not gonna lie, I think we're living in this world presently, I just can't prove it yet because I have yet to find the glasses to show me these aliens in our world, but I vow to find those magic glasses! Anyway, " I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubblegum," classic. Yeah, he shot up half the bank and to normal people that might have been a little troubling, but they couldn't see what was happening, the human population was blind to it all. God damn Aliens! The resistance couldn't take these fuckers down because they owned all the wealthy people and made better lives for normal humans, even if it wasn't real, it was just to keep these assholes quiet while the Aliens slowly and silently took over.

Its such a fun ride watching as Roddy Piper beat up friends and slowly figures out that Aliens are on the planet. First thing he winds up doing is killing two Alien cops, I guess that's bad. But they're not bad? Honestly this is a fun movie with some fun quotes that I use in every day conversations, like, " I got news for 'hem... There's gonna be hell to pay. 'Cause I ain't daddy's little boy no more,” I usually say this first thing in the morning to my boss. Fun times.


BATTLE Los Angeles

War! Aliens! Lets go! I don't know why I love this movie, there are a lot to not like, but the battles are fierce and intense, yeah the dialogue could of been better, but I didn't come for that! I came for Aliens waging war against humans! The script is definitely not the greatest but this movie has some great scenes. If Aliens invaded like these pricks and I had a giant machine gun with infinity ammo I'd definitely panic and pull what they did in Predator and shoot randomly without knowing what the fuck I was shooting at.


Aliens, monsters, zombies, I know I'm either panicking and shooting in all directions or being silent and quiet, hiding in the shadows and awaiting my chance to throw poison shurikens at them. Well, that's how its playing out in my tired brain as of now. But these Aliens are pretty smart and have tech on their side. I'm actually wishing they made a sequel to this film to show how American forces who are decimated in Los Angeles, how they push them off the planet or murder every one of them which ever you prefer.



Starship Troopers-

Are you doing your part? Would you like to know more?

Ok you're probably seeing a common theme of "War on Aliens" and you would be right to assume that's what I like in an Alien movie for the most part. I guess this is more of an Alien action list now that I think about it.

Oh the campy scenes and awesome fights. The dialogue that makes you cringe but you can't help but love it. I also love how these mother fuckers are supposed to be in high school and they look thirty. I also had the biggest celebrity crush on Diz. Not the actress, the character in the movie that died, yeah, show some god damn respect. The battles were fun and also reminded me of the game Starcraft, like a lot. Again, this movie has several awesome quotes I like to use at fancy dinner parties like, "Who needs a knife in a nuke fight." My manager at work often looks bewildered when I use that one, or "I'm from Buenos Aires and I say, KILL 'EM ALL!" I usually shout that one in the Walmart bathroom.


Its just a movie you can sit back, relax, and watch as humans militarily have become stupid and reckless. I love it. Two hundred thousand lost on the first day of the invasion. 200,000!! Holy shit someone fucked up, right? Anyway if you haven't seen it check it out, because its worth a watch. Also its a movie that shows bugs can't be trusted.


A Quiet Place


What a ride! Jim and his family during a crisis of aliens who have super hearing who want to kill and eat humans? That's intense. What got me in this movie was right off the bat they killed off a little boy, I hate that shit. That hits the father in me and makes me think about random shit where I'd lose my kids, especially against Aliens that are almost like giant insects. Poor baby. Even now I want to go in this universe with the knowledge I know to stop that from happening. Is that cheating? Yes. But Jim needs me.


Its a nail biter from start to finish, its probably one of the most intense films I've seen, because after the kid dies you're just like, "Welp, at anytime any of these people could die." Emily Blunt is stunning and amazing as always. The child actors are brilliant. This movie is just top notch story telling with barely any speaking.




Tom Cruise is truly great in this movie as always. He is not a man that runs towards the danger to fight off these Aliens who just want to take out planet, he's trying to survive and save his family. He originally wanted to save himself and drop the kids off at moms, but that changed throughout the film. He became a father as before he was just the dad who had his kids here and there I'm not sure how much he cared or was involved in their lives. This invasion, this huge turn of events slowly changed his perception and emotions towards his two kids which was appreciated. It was great development and storytelling as a whole where his character ended up being a dad protective of his children and would do what was necessary to keep them safe, even if it meant he himself would have to cross a line that he never had to before.


This film has great music, visuals, and will hold up as a great movie for years to come. Again, we are shown that Aliens can't be trusted. Also if I ever hear that noise the tripods make, I don't care where I am or what I'm doing, I'm fucking out of here.




What a film! John Carpentor is genius and mastermind! Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors due to his starring role in Big Trouble Little China, one of my favorite movies of all time. Somehow I missed The Thing and all its glory and never watched it up until this year, how I missed this classic piece of story telling I'm not sure. Wait...Maybe I'm an alien? Would I know?!


The angles and twists of who is who and what is what during the entire film makes you pay attention and hang at the edge of your seat. Even the damn ending you sit there and you're like, "I'm not sure if the other dudes an alien or not." It ends in a way that not only makes you think, but makes you try to figure out whether or not they beat the Alien or not, whether or not the sacrifices they all made was even worth it, or potentially the Alien won and will eventually take the world down. Greatness, that's what this movie is.



Edge of Tomorrow

Another Emily Blunt movie and Tom Cruise movie, they doubled up on my list and that's ok. This movie took me by surprise, I wasn't expecting much and didn't even know what to expect, but god damn this hit all the right spots and made me its bitch quickly. Wait, what? Oh don't worry that's just the phenomenal tiredness kicking in, I just know that this movie kicks alien ass. The time travel aspect is also just perfectly done. Tom Cruise again took a character and made him into an actual person, a person who wanted to avoid fighting to a person who fought everyday, died, and tried again the following day, learning from every mistake he made to strive a little bit further in order to save the world.


So yes, somehow this beat several great movies to grab a spot in the top three, I'm not clear how, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. The battles in this movie were legit tight as hell, although some of the visuals were to quick for my old dead eyes. Bottom line this is epic movie that has a small piece of my heart, just a small piece, most of it is reserved for the top two. The battles and infinite loop Tom Cruise was stuck in was just fantastic!




This long standing classic is not just one of the best action movies of all time, but one of the best 80's movies period. You can't get much better than this film Alien wise. They made a great character who they made legit unstoppable, this Alien didn't give a damn who he hunted, he just wanted skulls. This movie also is full of quotes that we used to regularly say and we must of overplayed the VHS tape to exhaustion. It was our jam, one of at least. The whole commando unit being tricked to go after guerrillas in the jungle while being hunted themselves? Yeah, that equals awesomeness. The execution was perfect as well, they made the Predator someone to fear.


Rest in peace to those who died in that jungle including Jim Hopper, the guy from Stranger Things, poor guy can't catch a break. This movie is borderline perfect anyone who doesn't think so will be hunted by a mountain lion.

So here we are, awaiting the number one movie on my list, which should of been guessed by now.




God damnit yes! Aliens! Of course! This movie is in my top three of all time and has remained their since 1986. Sigourney Weaver plays Ripley like no other and changed the face of movies for female roles, showing that women are bad asses and can do what men can, maybe better. A scared female lead who goes back to hell in order to go through the same ordeals she barely escaped from but in a much bigger threating way, that's what we get in this instant classic.


This movie is not just filled with awesome quotes you can use on your grandmothers, but its also filled with just endless pieces of action. Who will ever forget Apone, Hudson, Hix, or Vasquez? Who will forget the the utter beat down those cocky ass Marines get when they first encounter the xenomorph? I sure won't, a lot of good soldiers died in there. What about Burke? What a prick.


This whole operation was a cluster fuck from beginning to end. And lets not forget Ripley basically saying fuck it, ramming the hallways with the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier to save what was left of the Marine unit that would of been stranded without her, most likely dead. It was great storytelling and amazing action. We all went in that place confident that these characters would fuck those aliens up and afterwards were left with a sour taste of desperation for these people.


Don't forget the gem we received with Hudson who delivered a multitude of fantastic quotes and became a quick fan favorite character wise for years to come.

This movie just screams excellence. A horror Action genre film made of gold. This is the best you can get in my eyes for an alien movie, maybe as an action movie as well.

So there you have it, my long ass list of my favorite alien films made. Sure there are other options and I left some key great films out that I may regret, but this is it. What about you? Can you list your ten favorite alien movies? Fuck! Close Encounters Of the third kind! I forgot! There is no turning back now, I must move forward even with this blasphemous list. If you don't have a top ten, what about your favorite alien movie in general? Comment below and let me know!

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