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My Top 5 most anticipated Movies of 2021

With the shit show we had in life and entertainment in 2020, we get back to a Somewhat normal year, well not theater wise, but more in a digital scale for movies, which I'm ok with. I like saving 70 dollars on a trip to a movie theater when I can be comfortable at home with my own little surround sound going without driving thirty to forty minutes away.

But what movies are coming out and when? What am I excited about? Well god damnit I'll tell ya!

1. Godzilla vs King Kong, March 26th

Two heavyweight monsters go one on one, who the hell doesn't want to see these beheadings destroying each other while killing countless people in their wake? I sure do! Just dont and it without a clear winner! Godzilla, Skull Island, and King of the Monsters were decent movies, not the greatest, but I liked them, hopefully they continue their rampaging ways and they actually put the monsters on camera more instead of constantly panning back for human reactions.

2. Mortal Kombat April 16th

It's been a minute since we all got a Mortal Kombat movie, but their last attempt was probably one of the worst movies ever since created. So crossing my fingers they go a more serious route in the story, since we havent really seen anything but teasers. I kinda just want a Scorpion vs Subzero movie to be honest with you, but as long as it's better than the movie Annihilation it'll be fine.

3. Snakeyes October 22nd

I've been asking for this movie for about a decade, a Snakeyes origin film that will have him going at it against Stormshadow and most likely getting involved with Scarlett who is played by Samara Weaving (Yes!) and joining GI Joe by films end. The last two live action films weren't to great, although the second film 'Retaliation' was ok. I'm actually interested if this is a soft reboot or part of the original two's universe, but I'd put money on the reboot, much like what Bumblebee did for Transformers. So, Snakeyes vs Stormshadow, that's what we want, when I say we, I mean me.

4. Spiderman 3

There are to many rumors and so many characters said to be in this movie that its starting to remind me of Toby McGuires Spiderman 3, which was kind of a mess, and it gave us the worst possible Venom ever. I have high Hope's for this film though, Marvel rarely let's me down with its live action movies, but how theyll fit a ton of characters into it without it getting messy will be tough despite what we got from Infinity War/End Game. Cant we just get a Spiderman vs Venom movie? Speaking of which.....

5. Venom: Let there be Carnage

The first Venom movie was pretty decent, despite minor annoyances, I liked the movie. But it just feels out of place without Spiderman. The epic battle most of us fans want is Venom vs Spiderman vs Carnage, that would be sick, and I still think we might get that eventually. As far as this movie, Tom Hardy killed it as Eddie Brock and I hope he continues to play that role.

Other movies coming out this year that I'm interested in:

April 23rd Quiet Place 2

November 11th Ghostbusters Afterlife

On that note, I'll finish up with a random gif

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