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My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Movies

Let's go! Halloween is almost here and I gotta make this list because my website demanded me to do so! (I'm being me)

So let's get right into it of my favorite Halloween movies, which may or not be about Halloween, it's just movies I watch around this time, and I watch them multiple times.

10 Garfield's Halloween Adventure

This 1985 classic has a special place in my heart. For the longest time I watched this when it came on NBC or ABC, I can't remember, days leading up to Halloween.

I love the part where Odie tries to hide somewhere dumb and Garfield is like, "Not there stupid!" Lol Still makes me giggle to this day.

9 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Poor Charlie Brown....every episode pretty much screws him over, but in this, this gem from 1966, Linus takes the cake. Sure Charlie Brown wasn't invited to a party, sure he fd up his costume and got rocks instead of candy...well maybe he was screwed again. But Linus and his beliefs costed Charlie's sister Sally a night of fun waiting for the Great Pumpkin, who may or not have been Pumpkin head, the one who murders out of vengeance.

8 Coraline

Movie is straight fucked up. Yes it's a kids movie, but some of the shit mentioned or hinted at could be made into a live action horror movie. After everything Coraline goes through in that house I wouldn't want to live there, I'd probably burn it down. Life would be different after going through that, she might need some sort of therapy to cope with the attempted murder of her and her families life. I loved it.

7 9

This movie was pretty sick, set in the post apocalyptic world after a scientist creates robots that ultimately kill off humans, not intentionally, but the robots came to before the scientist could place souls in them which would of kept them from being war raging monsters. Right before his death that same scientist made dolls and gave them souls to keep the world going. Its a kids movie, but it get intense almost throughout the film, especially near the end.

6 IT

The 2017s remake of the 80s classic was phenomenal. The cast was amazing and the story was a lot scarier than the original. But who isn't scared of clowns, right...Clowns are evil and shouldn't be allowed outside with their death balloon animals and honking noses. Anyway, the best thing about this movie is the acting by these amazing kids. I just wish the second one was just as good, but the threat is much larger for the kids, that's why it's better, they can't really defend themselves and that's what's so scary.

5 Ghostbusters

Great movie. Who doesn't love some Ghostbusters who are somewhat above their heads in ghost problems of the city, a city that doesn't really believe what's happening is happening. Great cast, story, acting, and amazing theme song gives this film a must watch rating during not only Halloween, but any time of the year. Just remember, there is no Dana only Zuul.

4 Halloween

1978s original classic, one of the original three headed murdering villains of the late 70s and 80s, iconic to this day, the Michael Myers classic, Halloween. From the music to the murders, to the jump scares, this is one of the best slashers made still to this day. Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect in this movie and it pretty much goes by the rules of the modern horror film. Those are the rules! Now you gotta die! Even the end was great, Myers gets away with everything!

3 Hocus Pocus

The movie is a classic and it brings me back to 1993 every time I watch it, which is about six times this Halloween season so far. Who doesn't love the movie about the Virgin who fucked up everything? I sure do. The Witches are evil but playful and makes the movie amazing. I'm kind of curious on what the second movie will be like when it comes out next year.

2. Scream

Wes Cravens epic movie about teens killing teens in a "Who did it" movie is still one of the best slashers out there. It surpasses Nightmare on Elm Street, even with Freddy Kruegers kills, and even with his burned up body and scary music to scare the piss out of most who watch it. This movie depicts real people who do real fucked up shit, which makes it even scarier because it makes us think that, yes, there are people like this out in the world. That's what's scary about it, that it's not far fetched that this could actually happen.

1 The Nightmare before Christmas

I've watched this movie seven times in the last two months because of kids and because it's almost Halloween. The movie is great, the music is awesome, and the plot is fun. Kidnapping Santa Claus is a dream for most kids, so watching a dead person make dead children do it is pretty awesome. The songs get stuck in your head and you'll be humming, "making christmas", while putting decapitated doll heads in Christmas boxes in no time. This movie is my favorite Halloween movie obviously and never gets old.

As you see, it's mostly kids movies with not many adult like heavy murdering involved. Although I worry about Charlie Brown and the bullying he goes through, I'm not sure how he will cope with that as he gets older.

So what's your favorite Halloween movies!? Let us know down below!

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