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My ps4 game Dilemma

So I have this video game dilemma. It's really a choice and like most choices there can be consequences.

There are three games out right now: Spiderman, Call of Duty-Black ops 4, and Madden 19 that are sitting out there all alone waiting for someone to adopt them, to be a part of a new home and new family. But I cant decide. I cant choose which one I want. Are they all good? I've heard good things and bad things about Madden and Black ops, but have nothing terrible about Spiderman.

Now I'm still in love with Battlefield 4, I love the multiplayer anyway. Sniping an unsuspecting opposing player from five hundred meters away in an imaginary world full of war vehicle's and soldiers is bliss to me. BF4 has been good to me. For a few years it's been my go to game. When I'm annoyed, I seek the comfort of BF4, knowing I can feel my spirits rise as I reign down a hellfire of choas and anguish aboard my cobra helicopter. Or join my teammates in a near suicidal mission to take over an area, and somehow pull it off, then look to my left and see my fellow teammate fall to the ground after being sniped. My heart racing as I try and find cover. Then looking around for that bastard sniper only to hear the ground shake and that unforgettable sound of a tank getting closer and closer.

That's why I love BF4, to me it's a perfect game, that I wish they would just update with new vehicles and maps and I would be a happy fucking camper. But now, I have the craving of a new game. But which one? An open world Spiderman game? Call of Duty, which almost everyone is probably buying because of the battle royale mode? Or Madden 19, which I hate to say it, I'm not in the exact mood for it. So maybe that's out.

Even mentioning these games doesn't make me believe I'll get the satisfaction of being dropped off by a transport helicopter and causing absolute mayhem behind enemy lines. God I love Bf4. A game where I can get shot by a sniper and then easily find those sons of bitches so I can knife the cocky bastard from behind. Love it.

So back to my question, which game should I get? Madden 19, Call of Duty, Spiderman, or should I continue to stay loyal to my one and only, Battlefield 4?

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