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My problem with the new Texas Chainsawy Massacre.

I'm writing this because I recently had the displeasure of watching the new Texas Chainsaw movie. It was complete and utter garbage. Nothing but the vilest filth on the planet. Not because of the violence or anything like that. But because someone actually got paid to write this garbage. Someone got paid to write this piece of absolute trash. The writing was God awful and in the end? There is a bunch of junk that wouldn't be fit for any trash collector to waste their time collecting. The problem with modern-day horror is that everything is made so generic. It feels as if it was mass-produced in some factory hidden away from people where they need nets to prevent people from taking their own lives. The writing is what I can honestly say puts people away from the genre and away from the true talent in this world. Everyone do me a favour and stop giving these people money. Hollywood proves that they'll turn anything that was once great and entertaining into a pile of unenjoyable trash. This is why I get angry at the mere thought of modern horror. This is why I have a particular disdain for writers in Hollywood. It's an insult to not own writers in general but those who paid money for it. People got paid for this movie; let that sink in for you. While most people live way below their means that these people get paid a ton of money for making this junk. It's enough to make me want to scream. Those who aren't just writers and artists but those who honestly just enjoy the genre of horror, in general, should see why this is honestly a piss-off for someone like me. They keep making these films, and it gives us all a bad name. It will forever keep people from buying what we produce. The bar was once set so high that everything seemed almost perfect. Sure there's a lot of junk out there, but still. This makes me wonder if the future would be better off with Hollywood. Wait…scratch that; Hollywood is dead, and this just proves it. Do yourself a favour and purchase some great works written by the most wonderful artists. This is what they think of you. This is why the modern version of horror is terrible.

You won't see any great movies about bloody and gory films dealing with crazed hillbillies or zombies and monsters from the darkest pits of heck. When they learn that this method of telling a story is nothing more than a failure, then maybe they'll get the message. But by that time alone, they will already be out of business. I'm a horror writer, and I'm angry at the current state of horror. They ruined something beautiful like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What will be next if they can do it to a movie series like this? They already did it with everything good. Watch, the next thing they'll ruin will be a musical version of Mothers Day or perhaps Graduation Night. My final thought on this subject is that we need to stop supporting this form of horror and movies. We need to get ourselves dirty and make the great horror the world deserves to see.

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