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My perfect Wrestling game

Gone are the days of WCW vs NWO world tour and WCW vs NWO revenge from the N64 days and in are half ass attempts at making a decent pro wrestling game. How about Wrestlemania 2000 or No mercy!? These games were so awesome! God THQ was awesome.

So what does have to do with anything? Its simple... we kill the Batman. Wait, wrong blog.

Ok...My perfect Wrestling game is based off the old N64 games, same graphics and all! Why? Because we can do more and put more wrestlers in the damn game without pulling a Call of Duty and downloading 76 million terabytes any time it needs to update! Why!? Its so annoying.

Imagine a wrestling game in that style of Wrestlemania 2000 but sort of plays like Madden....I know, that's to vague, what the fuck am I even saying. Imagine a game, where you have to run a company, basically you're the owner and general manager, and you need to build your roster to compete with other companies....sound like fun?

Imagine for a second, like in Madden you have a few places for developmental talent that have attributes that you like, people you feel who could turn into stars. Imagine free agency and trying to sign a big time name for big money and long years, a guy or girl who will pack the seats and make you money in the end. Imagine being an owner and seeing a superstar in an overseas promotions and wanting to trade assets for that person(s) or try to buy out their contract to sign them yourself.

Imagine a superstar being unhappy within another company and decides not to resign with them, giving you the opportunity to snag them and place them immediately into your title picture, thrusting them further into superstardom.

Imagine having to endure wrestlers injury problems or having a chance to sign a fan favorite with injury problems. Imagine making a contract with another promotion to have inter promotional matches and storylines, bringing both companies money. Imagine having your world champion defend his or her belt in multiple countries and promotions bringing prestige to that world title, and pushing them to X-Factor status.

A pro wrestler with X factor status would be like your Hogans, Austin's, The Rock, Flair...those guys who can never be replaced. Those superstars who will forever be sitting at the top and will forever draw money. Those are the ones you develop so greatly that the world loves whatever they do, whether it's being a heel or a face.

Imagine each year more wrestlers are created to use and that you can send scouts to see what they're about. Imagine having to pay scouts and coaches to maintain bringing more people in and developing those people to become stars.

It would be pretty sweet to be able to set up matches, shows, paperviews, and fueds. Trying to set it up to have two of your favorite wrestlers fued all year without facing each other until your biggest paperview. Or having a champion lose shockingly to a virtual nobody on one of your shows, pushing that nobody into a fued to bring out their potential.

The ideas are endless. A madden pro wrestling game that gives you an almost open world of possibilities. Generating new characters and new gimmicks, creating stars and superstars based on their performances. Being in control of everything down to who wins what, or getting into the match yourself for a hands on approach.

Imagine a superstar being disruptive in the locker room and wanting more money, threatening to leave. A person with a low attribute in loyalty might do that, someone who is high on money will do that, then you push him out, by losing to an up and coming star, or have a loser gets fired match in a fued before he leaves. But dont alienate people, because it could have an affect on your roster or that specific person on ever coming back or signing.

That's the type of game I want. A pro wrestling n64 style game that has the mechanics of Madden, using a lot of what the big time football game does in Dynasty mode would be pretty cool. Well, I think so anyway.

Well, what would be your perfect game? What pro wrestling game is the best in your opinion? Comment below and as always, if you haven't, subscribe and like our page please!

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