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My NFL Playoff picks

The world of the NFL continually changes. Yearly, teams trade players, coaches, and General Managers in an attempt at being consistent, a winning team, and playoff bound. Yet here we are and the Patriots just wont go away.

The Patriots are that kid that's playing with that awesome toy the rest of the kids in class all want to play with and they refuse to let it go. The Pat's is basically The Fast and the furious franchise, they just wont stop and go away!

The Patriots are again the AFC east champions for the 75th year in a row. Bill Belichick is a robot, whose brain sees things we humans cant. Tom Brady is an android, probably a future terminator, I'd keep my eye on him if I were you people.

But none of that is important right now, they are the dragons of this adventure, and the rest of the teams are the faithful knights sworn to uphold Justice and order, sworn to defeat evil. Meanwhile the Patriots will lay dormant, for the week, watching and waiting like a Lion staring at its prey, hiding in the shadows waiting for the perfect strike. I dislike the Patriots.

So who is in this little tournament we got going on?

Let's go into my picks:

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

I think The Texans are coming for blood and as long as they contain Andrew Luck and Hilton from going off again they should get the win. I think the Texans will put pressure on the Colts, but guess what? It wont matter. Home field advantage? Wont matter. The Colts find a way to win 20 to 17. It'll be a good game and I dont see them shutting down Hilton, they'll give it a shot though, most likely with blitz packages and zones predicated on Hiltons routes.

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have a shot ladies and gentlemen, at least on paper. Home field advantage helps, especially when your going home early. I like Dak Prescott as a person, but hes not gonna be able to do what he did against a depleted NY Giants defense to Seattle. Zeke will eat, but he will also get stuffed by the Hawks. Dallas will put some hurt on Wilson of Seattle, but ultimately itll come down to one or two plays down the stretch. I trust Wilson over Prescott. I'm going with Seattle 24 to 20. Itll be close.

San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens get into the playoffs with a win the last game of the season. The chargers who are 12-4, were already guaranteed a playoff spot for weeks. Will we get the same San Diego team that falters in the playoffs? The Ravens will come with their number one defense and exciting starting Quarterback Lamar Jackson. Philip Rivers will walk into M&T Bank stadium in Baltimore like Hes Clint Eastwood in some old western movie, ready with his hands on his hips. The Chargers stop Jackson from scrambling to much and Rivers has a field day against the best defense in football. Yes I know the Ravens killed Rivers a few weeks ago, but this is playoff time baby! Rivers will overcome and succeed. Chargers 18 Ravens 14

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

The Eagles are riding the superhero quarterback Nick Foles once again into the playoffs, the hero of last years superbowl. The Eagles are on a roll, with help from they managed to get into the playoffs. All is right with the world. The team that beat the Pat's are in the house!! But, Chicago is coming in with a third ranked defense, and had an amazing season. Heres my issue. The Bears quarterback isnt 100% healthy, hes listed day to day because of his throwing shoulder. I think its gonna be low scoring and itll come down to a field goal. Chicago Bears defeat the Eagles 17 to 14

So there you have it, what do you think? The Chargers, Bears, Colts, and Seattle move onto the second round in my opinion.

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