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My Naruto update

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Naruto!!! God damn I love this show and the more the story develops and the characters grow the stronger I feel that Naruto shippuden is right behind Dragon Ball Z as the best anime.

I avoid spoilers like the plague with this show and so far I've managed to not hear or see anything so I've been surprised up to this point.

The losses that are beginning to pile up in this show is getting ridiculous, some I didnt even see coming, but some I saw the foreshadowing of their demise.

When Asuma Sarutobi, the teacher of Shikamuru, died, it caught me off guard. He wasnt a main character but he was a cool one, who went out facing a member of the Akatsuki, a secret group of superior warriors that are slowly working on taking over the world. All the Akatsuki are tough and a pain in the ass to face, not to mention deadly. Unfortunately for Asuma, he was a little outmatched against Hiden who is immortal and uses a move that makes his opponent take what ever damage he himself takes, which means he can commit suicide which would in turn kill his opponent. It's not the best of moves, especially the length he has to go to perform it, but it works obviously, because Asuma paid for it leaving one of my favorite characters Shikamuru devastated.

But on that note the Akatsuki are taking more losses than anyone, they're actually dropping like flies, leaving the super group very thin at the moment.

The next victim I saw coming via foreshadowing was Jiraiya, who up to this point in the show was one of the strongest characters and he literally didnt stand a chance against his former student, Nagato, aka Pain. Jiraiya went by himself to find clues of who the leader of the Akatsuki was and it lead him to the country of Amegakure, the Village Hidden in Rain, where the rest of the world believed they had been in civil war, what they didnt know was that the country is under control and protection of the Akatsuki, specifically Pain.

Jiraiya didn't stand a chance and you could tell that he was overmatched by his former pupil and when the death blow comes and he falls into the Abyss of the river, you still cant believe it. The only thing left is you know Naruto is gonna lose his shit.

Next up is the battle of all battles! Yes several Akatsuki members were killed off in epic ways, but the battle of brothers, Sasuke verses Itachi Uchiha was well worth the wait. This was a battle that fans waited for since the beginning, when Sasuke first mentioned his mission to kill his brother for his murdering of their parents and everyone in their clan.

The battle went back and forth, but in the end Sasuke finally came out victorious. The fight was epic and shows how far Sasuke has finally come, it also gives us a glimpse of Itachi, who didn't hate his little brother after all.

So we have multiple deaths from the Akatsuki. We have two major deaths from the Leaf Village. Naruto is pissed about just missing Sasuke, who was taken by Obito Uchiha, who is most likely the strongest character by far in the show, hes also the true leader of the Akatsuki. Shit is about to get crazy in the world of Naruto and I'm loving it.

Now onto seeing what Sasuke does now that he was taken by the Akatsuki and see if he joins or takes the fight to these ninjas, most likely he'll join and take his brothers place after being manipulated by Tobi/ Obito Uchiha which is possible since round two of Naruto vs Sasuke is inevitable.

Well that's my thoughts on where I'm at in Naruto, although there are some characters I actually miss that haven't been on screen for a long period of time, maybe in the next arc we'll get Rock Lee's group into the mix. All in all, this show is fantastic and easily addicting.

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