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My mind is a chaotic mess

So I'm sitting here debating what to write and it's coming to me in a jumbled mess of chaotic thoughts and ideas.

So I'll take it slowly.

Giants. The New York Giants suck for many reasons. But not in any shape or form would I want Mcadoo back. His play calling was atrocious, I even called what he was going to do before he did it. If I can and I am just some lowly hobo fan, then the other team can too. He also threw to many players under the bus, namely Manning. Who does that? Coughlin would of took blame then went in the back to hash it out with Eli, in private.

Yankees. I hate Boston. Now that Kershaw is off the board resigning an extension with the Dodgers, where do we go from there? Resign Happ? Bring back CC? Bring up Sheffield? We are gonna go after more hitting. Yup, fuck the pitching, let's get more power. This is the equivalent to the Emperor or even the first order building another fucking super weapon. Hey assholes! The death stars blew up. Do you know why? Because it couldn't stop the stupid small X-wings aka the pitchers that opposed them. But I'm not crying. We havent had a losing season in 25 years. Suck on that Boston! You're still like twenty titles behind the Yanks, asshats!

Ok, that felt good. I got it out and now I'm ready to proceed with my life.

New York Knicks. I'm actually enjoying the season so far, even at 3-5, I like this team. I think they are exciting. I love our coach. I love that we've been in almost all our games till the end without our star players, although Tim Hardaway Jr is playing lights fucking out. Love that dude. Why we let him go the first time made no sense to me. It's a long season though and we should stay the course. Hopefully we can push this thing to a playoff run, maybe play well enough for a 8th spot in the tournament.

Movies: I just saw Alpha and Mile 22 the other day. Alpha is more of a family movie, but you need to have the patience to let the movie develop. There is no subtitles and it's not in english, but if you can get past that it's a beautiful cute movie based on mans bestfriend. The first actually.

22 Mile: I was into it for a little bit then it lost me half way through. It's an average movie that ends suddenly with the narrating of Mark Wahlbergs character saying pretty much that it isnt over. The twist was pretty cool. They gave clues but I didnt pick up on it until something the character said before being escorted to America. It was alright though. Average action movie with a decent plot, decent action, and decent performances.

Christmas!! Fuck you Walmart for bringing out decorations a week before Halloween! (Secretly I'm happy about it)

Sex toys? Would that make a good Christmas gift? I dont know, I guess it depends on who it's for, I mean I'm not gonna buy one for my boss, or my family members. Although it would be funny to see their faces if that was the case. Opening up your present quickly with so much joy in your heart and boom, picking up a dildo in front of Grandma. Now that's a Christmas morning I'd like to see. My Nana would of been so embarrassed.

Speaking of which, my Nana died several years ago which would make that scenario weird and dark.

I miss my grandmother. Although we were very close for a long time, we lost touch for a few years. Which is upsetting because she only lived fifteen minutes away. With kids and responsibilities, plus laziness and procrastination, it was difficult. Although that is not an excuse, I do regret it. I've fucked up plenty in my time here on Earth and I dont regret most the things I do, but that, that I do. I'm only happy I got to see her one last time during Christmas with my children. I miss her.

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