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My Madden

I love and hate Madden. The fact is, I'm not terribly good at it. It's a sad unspeakable piece of truth that I dont want to come to terms with. The older I get, the less decent I get with video games. This terrible piece of news destroys me on the inside. I was so good at video games, particularly Madden for such a long time, and yet here I am, scraping by with wins like the NY Jets.

Speaking of the Jets, that's what team I am. Why? I'm not really sure how this came about. Drunken mistake? Misguided optimism? Blind choice? It doesnt really matter what brought me to this position of a garbage team with a history of bad general managers and head coaches since before I was born, but here I am. I'm shackled to this team and franchise mode like some kind of deranged prisoner.

Franchise mode. Ah yes, the lovely, dreaded mode where I joined, in which contractually I need to play a certain amount of times a week. Like a job. My cousin and one of my closest friends, both Maddenites, brought me down this path like a drug dealer brings their victims down the wormhole to try the delicious cocaine. Here I am. Two people who are like my brothers, pulling me down the dangerous path of anger, resentment, and jealousy. A path Yoda once called, the 'darkside.' A path I brought my teen child into. Fuck.

So here I am, the New York Jets. I hate them. I would be a terrible owner, because I want to punch all my fictional characters in the face. But I'm trying to be upbeat. Even though I'm 1-4....yup, one and four!! So yes, because of that and other little things, like sharing a stadium with my sons NY Giants, I'm moving these asshats to Brooklyn. I'm moving in the Hope's that I can run away from the broken history that the Jets have and bring about a change in the culture.

It's not as dramatic of a move as my cousins Raiders, but it's still a big change. A stadium for myself and the Jets, a separate place from the Giants who taunt us with their superbowl trophies like the big bullies they are, flaunting around like their shit dont stink. I couldnt handle it anymore.

So now, big decisions are upon me. As my team is in a downward decline, on a roller coaster full of shit heading down into a fire. That's my direction. It all starts with my head coach who is doing a piss poor job of doing anything except sleep late and drink vodka during defensive meetings. I told him to shape up or ship out.

So where do I go from here? Do I let him, Todd Bowles remain the coach until the end of the season or do I fire him now and hire a temporary coach? Crazy eyed Adam Gase is available, sitting there with nothing to do. Maybe I'll bring in the guy that acts like a psychopath to bring this team into a new era of angry, big hit, power running football.

So many things to do with no clear direction.

Well, until next time.

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