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My dislike of The Last Jedi

So it's been awhile since I went over Stsr Wars , The Last Jedi , and although I was disappointed, I've always gave it a shot. Watching the movie around a dozen times, including two theater showings, and I bought the movie the day it came out. Why? I'm a Star Wars fan, and like a marriage, I'm in it for the long haul. (Very close to getting a divorce in this relationship)

So several things bother me, the main one is Rian Johnson saying 'fuck it' and making his own movie. It's a trilogy man, its gotta make sense and continue from the first.

Poe was an idiot, it seemed like all the men in the film were really stupid. Poe, who I liked in The Force Awakens, was brash, cocky, but didnt do anything to put others in danger, on purpose anyway. In Last Jedi he deliberately put everyone, including the entire resistance, just to destroy one ship.

Finn, who I liked in the first movie, had his little comedy going, and I cared to see where he would end up in Last Jedi, after seeing him almost sacrifice himself for Rey, I thought he would become something more, maybe a bigger member of the resistance, instead we get a side story arc about animal cruelty and how the world works, hinting that those who sell weapons dont care who wins, they'll make ships for anyone. I guess that's what it was anyway, I dont even know anymore. I like to skip through that part now.

I know everyone is either with Rose or against her, much like DX back in the late 90s, you to can suck it, because it's about opinion, and my opinion is that the story arc with Fin and Rose was absolutely garbage. It took away from the film and half of it made no sense. She crashed her fucking vehicle into his to save him from sacrificing himself, which meant the machine he was gonna crash into indeed fired and blew up the door that held the resistance. Now in any instant one of the First Orders ATATs could of just shot down and killed them both, it was weird. She did it out of love tho and that's how wars are won.....this is Rian Johnsons fault, not the actress that plays Rose by the way.

Fucking Princess Leia flying through space was fun.....

Shooting a giant ship through hyperspace into a fleet makes sense....if that was the case, they could of just sent a ship via a remote into the death star, saving countless fucking lives in the process. It's like everyone just fucking forgot how to wage war, it's an easy cop out way of attaining victory at that point of time. Not to mention, Rose and Fins mission failed, and still succeeded because of this stupid ass move. Where the hell were all the TIE fighters? They could of sent them after the resistances last capital ship. (I thought the same when the Deathstar didnt send really much of a counter attack in a New Hope)

Kylo and Reys banter and storyline is what held this movie together, I was interested in it till the end. I thought they had decent chemistry together.

The whole Snoke death was inevitable, I thought maybe we would get some sort of bigger fight, instead of a betrayal, and him dying quickly, but it is what it is, not really mad about the lack of backstory, although a little detail would of been nice.

In the movies prior to this new trilogy you knew what was happening in the universe, you got little hints and details on where they were politically, in the newer movies you have no idea.

The clone wars explained how the Empire came to be and how they acquired their military might. They even explained how the Death Star was secretly made in Rogue One. But these new movies are just blah to me, granted I did watch both The last jedi and Force Awakens countless times, but I was still left disappointed.

I know, disappointed, fans seem to think that we all need to love the movie and not have our own damn opinions. To those people, Fuck you. Just because you're a fan doesnt mean I dont have a right to bitch about a movie that makes no sense.

The Imperials were treated like stooges, dumb, and incompetent. Vader, Tarkin, Palpatine, were smart and brutal when neccessary, is this Disneys new plan? To dumb down the stories and make them less violent? It's called 'Star Wars' for a reason.

I wasnt a fan of the movie, but certain aspects of the film I did like. I didnt like how the basically threw away certain characters for nothing. Ackbar is a fucking stud, if anyone was gonna have that moment in the sun, to go out the warriors way, Ackbar was the dude to do it, but no, Rian Johnson doenst like Mon Calamari and it's people.

Strategically, what the fuck....neither side had any idea what the hell to do. Attacking a gigantic fucking capital ship with nothing, putting the entire resistance in harm's way was the stupidest thing I've ever seen, hence why the First order commanders are stupid as hell. God damn.

Why is there a fucking flying person in space!?

Han Solo is dead Luke Skywalker is dead

It seems that they need to take out R2 D2, C-3PO, Lando, and Chewbacca....these characters need to go into hiding, maybe we should start a Go fund me page for them, so maybe they can go disappear and hide until the end of their lives.

Luke Skywalker was weird as hell but understood some of what he went through and decided on, I dont think Luke would of gave up so easily as he did. I do believe he beat the First Order and saved every one without violence. Kylo Ren would of saw what was happening if he wasn't so pissed off and extremely angry at the time.

Bottom line it's a below average movie for me, even after the dozen or so times I've seen it. Nothings changed. I've read multiple reviews and summaries on fans point of views of what happened in that movie, but It hasnt changed my mind, it wont. Not if theres even a fire!

Last question.... What is the state of the fucking galaxy? We shouldn't have to read books in order to understand this, because if that's the case those fans who say, "go read those old legends books if you dont like what they're doing now," can go punch theirselves in the face with a iron.

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