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My disgruntled NY Giants relationship

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

The Giants suck the life out of me

Yes, here we are again on the verge of just plain sucking. New GM, new Coach, same fkn problems. I'm now on the verge of selling the rights as a fan to any team that wants me, I dont cost much, maybe a taco or two. I'm at the crossroads of being behind Eli Manning as well. Ive been dancing around with, liking, loving, hating, annoyance, and being utterly disappointed. Yeah, it's basically a relationship.

I just dont get despite all the weapons we have on the offensive side of the ball, we can't get down the field. That's what I said during yesterday's debacle after their first drive. What did the O get? Driving down the field on a perfect drive, 10 for 10, 81 yards and a TD? Sounds good to me. But it couldnt be sustained. It was a magic trick, an illusion to swindle my time and energy.

Let's be fair, the dude is almost 40 years old. He still has a good arm and alright accuracy. The problem is he is a statue. He cant keep plays alive because he has the legs of a 85 year old. When he runs, I yell out loud, "No! Dont do this!"

He is an average durable quarterback that can take a hit from a bowling ball to the face and still get up. Hes a tough son of a bitch. Dont think so? Watch that 2011 superbowl Giants team when they played the 49ers in the playoffs. They beat the living piss out of Eli.

So just like in a relationship, I'm stuck with Eli, for better or worse. Hes my Quarterback. I'm his fa...I'm his fa....I'm his fa....Damnit! I cant even say it! It's like trying to say Love for the first time but just cant get it out.

"Fan I am." -Yoda

When the Giants play badly, it sucks the life right out of me. Being a Giants fan is like losing your dog, finding the dog, then realizing it's not your dog, then come to find our your life long friend has new owners.

What makes it worse, is hearing the stupid Cowboys actually won. If that's not a kick to the prostate, idk what is.

I'm blaming every problem the Giants have on Resse and Mcadont. I'll give this regime another year of work before my fandom is up for sale. Maybe. I love them to much to leave during the hard times but I hate this marriage. Thanks to my grandmother and dad and uncles for making me like this bullshit team that I gotta deal with the next few years.

Oh. Can we hand the ball off to Barkley more than 10 damn times? Maybe? No? Ok. How about take a chance on OBJ downfield? No. Son of a bitch! Ok whatever. Do whatever you guys want, I dont care anymore. Bastards.

So to my fellow NY Giants fans....hold your heads up, as they say, 'It cant rain all the time.' Unless you're the Browns.

As I was writing this Eli Manning was just sacked again by an invisible man called Time.

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