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My Diet: Day one, Week one

Today, like most people, I started my diet. Yes, it's been a few days after new year, so sue me!

Day like the day after a zombie outbreak has begun. I know what's happening, I know what to avoid, but at some point a zombie is gonna get in my face and I'll have a choice. Today, day one of MD-Day (My diet day) I had a choice. I was hungry, even after I ate some baby carrots. Cute baby carrots being ripped to shreds by me....that's right, I'm a terrible person! I had a piece of chocolate in my hand, unopened, in my hand as I drove there was several moments of deliberation between myself and my incredibly stubborn stomach who screamed like an asshole to just down the chocolate goodness and be done with it!

Moments ticked by like an episode of 24, except I didnt have Jack Bauer to help me in any capacity. I thought what do I get for eating it except the aggravation of me asking myself, "Why did i just eat that?"

So I did what I didnt think I could. Like a dictator hell bent on showing the world how tough I am, I squished the piece of chocolate in my hands, the plastic sound of pain and agony shrieked into the air, my stomach crying more than It did when it saw The Last Jedi. I then placed that chocolate into the plastic bag for garbage. That move was the equivalent of me blocking a game winning field goal with time running out or how it would of felt if Johnny blocked Daniel's crane kick and delivered a round house to his face for the win in Karate kid.

Baby steps. This was just a tiny step into the direction I want to go and I'm proud that I made that choice. This diet is gonna be like me attempting to run away from Godzilla in Tokyo, the massive shadow will haunt over me and follow me for a very long time. But for now, I'm one step ahead.

#Diet #DietDayOne #NewYearsResolution #Babysteps

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